16 eBay LED Headlamps Reviewed

Recently, I’ve had a hard time finding headlamps around my house. My kids have been playing with some, others were left in drawers or at my friends house from hunting, so I decided to buy a few headlamps from eBay. The funny thing is, there’s a lot of repeats from various no-name manufacturers. The cost was low, so I decided to buy each unique type of Chinese headlamp that eBay had to offer to review, compare, and torture for your amusement.

This review compares 16 headlamps from eBay, 3 from my personal stock, and a couple from friends. At a high level, there are some important features that differentiate these headlamps:

  • Battery: AAA, integrated, or li-ion 18650
  • Number and type of LED lamps used: some had a dedicated high power LED and low power LEDs
  • LED type: Most of the cheap headlamps came with a CREE XML T6 LED, better headlamps came with more power efficient LEDs
  • Housing/Lamp aiming style

Here they are in order of claimed lumens. (take all lumen claims from Chinese headlamps with a heaping grain of salt)


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