Skywolfeye 30000 Lumens 5X Cree LED Headlamp Review

We have a winner for most exaggerated lumens claimed! This headlamp claims a ridiculous 30,000 lumens output, but in reality it’s closer to 800-1000. The Skywolfeye uses 5 CREE XM-L LED’s: 3 in a traditional lens housing up top, and 2 more magnified ones on the bottom. If you chip in for the full set, the headlamp comes with a USB charging cable and (2) 5800 mAh rated Skywolfeye batteries. Please keep in mind that the 5800 mAh rating is utter fantasy. The best batteries in the world are in the 3400-3800 mAh capacity range, so these Chinese ones claiming 5800 are laughable. More on 18650 batteries.

The Skywolfeye 5 LED headlamp is somewhat bulky and heavy at 241 grams, but offers better features compared with some of the other Chinese headlamps. For power settings, you can choose between 1 top headlamp, 2 top headlamps, 2 bottom headlamps, all on, and strobe. There’s also a separate button and red LED on the rear battery pack so that people can see where you are if you’re hiking in a group. The battery pack can be charged with a micro USB or by removing the batteries and charging them separately.

In use, the top lamps have a small central hotspot and a bit of spill, while the bottoms have a hotspot of light with minimal square-shaped spill. Since they’re all kind of aimed at the same spot, the usefulness of having 5 separate LED’s is really minimized. If they’re all pointing at the same damn thing, why not go with 1 better quality LED instead of 5 poor quality ones? The lamps are supposed to be adjustable for focus, but after disassembling it, that looks to be fiction.

all LEDs on

The beam color was a bit blue, while the beam width was a 10 degree spot, and 60 degree spill on the single top lamp.


I would recommend a lightweight, higher power single LED headlamp before I’d recommend this set. The headlamp housings were finished more nicely than some of the other eBay headlamps reviewed, but there’s no power from the LED’s to back up the looks.

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