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Lazer Arms XR410 410 Revolver Shotgun Review

The Lazer Arms XR410 is a 5-shot revolver 410 shotgun made in Turkey. Retailing at around $750-799 in Canada, they’re up there for cost, but do you get enough utility and uniqueness out of this interesting shotgun? Note: unlike the Taurus Judge this shotgun is not made to fire 45 Long Colt. Just 410. Shooting […]

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Canuck Regulator/Defender Review

The Canuck Regulator/Defender combo is a non-restricted, 12 gauge, pump action shotgun made in Turkey. They come with both a regular synthetic stock as well as a birdshead grip that you can use if you dislike hitting anything with your shotgun. With a 14″ barrel length, 4+1 capacity, and a set of 3 interchangeable chokes, […]

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bolt release2

Typhoon F12 Quick Look

The Typhoon F12 is a semi automatic, 12 gauge, mag-fed shotgun from Turkey. Although it looks like an AR15, it’s just a plain old semi auto operating mechanism: it’s gas operated with the gas piston under the forend. The Typhoon F12 comes with a TRUCKLOAD of factory equipped accessories, add-ons, and cool paint jobs for […]

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shell out

Kel-Tec KSG Review

The Kel-Tec KSG is an American made, bullpup, pump action, dual tube-magazine shotgun. In terms of looks, it’s pretty “Stormship Troopers”. Although the KSG came out in 2011, they’ve continually been in demand and hard to find on shelves. There are 2 really interesting features on the KSG, 1: it’s a bullpup shotgun, so it […]

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Browning A5 Loading Port job 3 gun

Browning A5 for 3 Gun

My Stoeger M3500 is so easy to load, but reliability has been a bit hit or miss. The long, 3.5″ inertial action cycles with 3.5″ goose loads just fine, but struggled with lighter weight target loads, so I was looking at a new shotgun. I ended up buying a Browning A5 Stalker and wanted to […]

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Browning A5 safety and trigger

Browning A5 Review

The Browning Auto-5 was the original semi automatic shotgun. While the old shotgun ran on a long recoil system, the new A5 runs on a Benelli-esque inertial system that Browning calls their “Kinematic Drive”. Browning LOVES giving every feature a name. But the other thing that Browning typically does is add features and innovation. Let’s […]

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Versa Max bolt face

Remington Versa Max Review

The Remington Versa Max is a gas operated, magazine tube-fed, semi-automatic shotgun that is Remington’s hat in the ring of versatile shotguns that work with a variety of shells. Unlike the older Remington 1100, the Versa Max uses an ingenious port based system to adjust gas pressure appropriately based on shell length without having to […]

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MKA 1919 Match Gen 2 Review

Competition shotguns are funny beasts. Tube mag shotguns feed and reload very differently than most semi automatic, box magazine fed rifles. Within the realm of 3 gun shotguns in the US, box magazine fed Saiga shotguns are popular for their fast reloads and high capacity. This Akdal MKA 1919 Match is Akdal’s second generation and comes with […]

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20 vs 12

12 Gauge vs 20 Gauge

  12 gauge is such a popular shotgun shell that most of the time, when people are talking about their “pump action” or “semi auto” shotgun, the gauge is completely left out. Back when fixed chokes were the norm, a 12 gauge was a bit much for small game in close, so the 16, 20, […]

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