Zoomable 8000 Lumen Headlight Review

8000 Lumens out of an LED that maxes out at 1000? While it’s important to dream, these kinds of listings are why straight-from-China products have such a bad reputation. This headlamp is essentially the same as the (also unrealistically marketed) 5000 Lumen headlamp, except it uses a zoomable housing. I found all the zoomable housings similar: they gave a very even circle flood at fully zoomed out, and gave an image that looked exactly like the square LED at fully zoomed in.

The light that came out of this headlamp was very blue and poor quality. This headlamp came with High, Medium, Strobe, SOS modes. Unfortunately, this headlamp didn’t turn off! The setting that should have turned it off instead was a low setting that should not have been there. So much for QC.

This headlamp also won the dubious award of having the most blue light. Of all headlamps tested, this one was an awful blue color that was very difficult to use to see colors. When zoomed out, the light cast an even flood about 20 degrees across. When zoomed in, it gave a slightly off kilter square shape that was very tight.


Boy, it’d be nice if this thing had an on/off switch 😉 But that’s the price when buying cheap Chinese headlamps. QC is not really done. Anyhoo, run away from this headlamp.

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