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Norinco JW-20 Review (Copy of Browning SA-22)

Just recently, I reviewed the Savage 64 Takedown and some viewers rightfully called me out that it wasn’t the cheapest takedown 22 in Canada. That honor is currently held by the Norinco JW-20, a $180 copy of the Browning SA-22. So, I took the logical next step and bought one for review. I believe that […]

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Remington 581 22LR Review

The Remington 580 series of bolt-action 22LR rifles includes the 580 (single shot), 581 (detachable magazine fed) and 582 (tube magazine fed). They were made over a pretty long run of 1967-1999 (this one was made in 1980.) There was even a 580 “smooth bore” for shooting 22 shotshells. The 580 series was a replacement […]

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Remington Nylon 66 Review

The Remington Nylon 66 is a semi automatic 22LR made from 1959 until 1989. Remington collaborated with Dupont to use the new Nylon 66 formula to make a rifle that was mostly made of the polymer. While it looks like the receiver is at least made of steel, you’re actually looking at a thin sheet […]

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Savage 64 Takedown Review

The Savage 64 Takedown is a new take on the Savage 64 to make it into a handy takedown model. Released recently in 2019, the Savage 64 takedown is a semi automatic, magazine-fed, takedown 22LR. It uses a simple barrel nut that you can tighten or loosen by hand and it comes in a carrying […]

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Spectre Ballistics Ruger 10/22 Aluminum Chassis

The Spectre Ballistics International (SBI) 10/22 chassis is an aluminum chassis upgrade for your Ruger 10/22 that gives it more flexibility in parts and better ergonomics for use with a scope. SBI loaned me this chassis for this review. Spectre 10/22 Chassis Features The barrel is fully free floated (lots of room for even a […]

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Mossberg Plinkster Review

The Mossberg 702 Plinkster is a semi automatic 22LR rifle made by CBC in Brazil and imported/branded by Mossberg. It’s one of, if not THE cheapest semi auto 22’s you can buy, but is it any good? Prices vary in Canada and the US. I picked mine up on a black Friday sale at Tundra […]

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Cooey Ace Single Shot 22LR

It’s a bit funny to review a Canadian Rimfire rifle that’s about 90 years old, yet here we are. The Cooey Ace 1 is a single shot, bolt action 22LR made in Canada between 1929 and 1934. It was preceded by the Cooey Canuck and succeeded by other Ace’s, Model 39, and whatever other names […]

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GSG-MP40 22LR Review

The GSG-MP40 is a German-made, MP40 style semi auto rifle chambered in 22LR. While original MP40’s are prohibited in Canada, the GSG-MP40 is non restricted, so you can get into a MP40 looking rifle for $599 that you can actually shoot. My 3 gun buddy Kurt loaned me this rifle for review. Features 12″ barrel23 […]

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ISSC SPA Straight Pull Review

The ISSC SPA is a straight pull rimfire rifle made in Austria. Launched somewhere around 2014/2015 in 22LR, 17HMR, and 22WMR, there are shockingly few reviews available online, and none are in-depth. There are no in-depth reviews for the SPA/Scout, the Steyr Scout-esque stocked version of the straight pull SPA either. I borrowed this rifle […]

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Scorpio EM332A 22LR Review

The Scorpio EM332A is a Chinese manufactured, bolt action 22LR. The action itself is based on the Anschutz 54, so accuracy could potentially be very good. In fact, the 322 action is the same as that on the Norinco NS522 that I saw amazing accuracy out of. So, is the Scorpio EM332A a great way […]

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