1200LM Super Bright Headlight R3 Review

1200 Lumens from a headlamp that uses AAA batteries in series? Good luck with that. The product page itself claims a more reasonable 300 lumens. With one main white LED in the centre with 2 flanking red LED’s, this headlamp looks to be a (poor) knockoff of the Jetbeam HP35. And where the Jetbeam is waterproof through use of gaskets, this headlamp uses a plastic gasket that is likely to leak. The website product page claims that it comes with adjustable focus, which is incorrect. No focus adjustments are available.

The headlamp comes with high, medium, red LED, and blinking red LED modes. If you need a low power mode, the red LED on mode is going to be as good as it gets. The headlamp is one of the lighter models tested at 77 grams.

This headlamp was the dimmest tested and was fairly blue shifted. Although it claimed 100 more lumens than the Jet Beam it attempted to copy, it was less than a third as bright at top setting. The beam from this headlamp extended about 10 degrees from center.


Nope. The red LED’s aren’t good enough to read a map in darkness, the battery compartment seal sucked, and the whole headlamp has an unmistakably cheap feel to it.

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