Skywolfeye 1000 Lumen CREE XM-L Q5 LED Headlamp Review

So, this might be a Skywolfeye, or a BesSky, or not branded at all, who really knows. Even with all the oddly designed Chinese headlamps I reviewed, this was the weirdest and the worst. The plastic used to retain the headband to the headlamp bent and broke easily, the lamp swivel lock was odd and didn’t work properly. The LED is decently bright, but with only High, Medium, and Strobe settings, it can’t be set dimly enough to not impact night vision.

The LED housing had vents on the top and bottom of it, so I had low hopes that it’d survive much water.

The beam pattern on this headlamp is a fairly tight, 20 degree total cone with even spill off to the sides and less up top. Color quality was OK, but brightness was pretty poor compared with the other 3 AAA battery powered headlamps.


This is easily the worst headlamp I’ve laid my hands on. The friction lock didn’t work, the headband clips bent and broke easily, and brightness was pretty pathetic. Don’t buy this headlamp.

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