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338 lapua vs 300 win mag

338 Lapua vs 300 Win Mag

Just as a foreword: this is a totally bunk comparison. 300 Winchester magnum and 338 Lapua magnum are both more than capable of taking down any game animal in North America at most any distance you’ll see them at. I just thought it’d be fun to compare and contrast the two of them. And while […]

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Ruger No1 scope mount

Ruger No. 1 K1-B-BBZ Stainless Laminate

The Ruger number 1 is a bit of an anomaly. At a time when bolt action rifles offer high accuracy and easy tuning, semi auto rifles offer fast follow up shots on game, and lever action rifles offer the ultimate bush experience, the Ruger No. 1 delivers a single shot in a package no lighter […]

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