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What Does Hunting Mean to You?

If anything, I think the recent, very public case of an American hunter poaching a famous Zimbabwe lion has really shone a light on poaching and hunting in general. What I found the most interesting was how hunters approach hunting so radically different. Just from a bystander’s view, I could see all these guys arguing about the “true […]

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An SVT40 in its natural habitat

10 Reasons Why I Love Hunting Deer in Winter

I live in Alberta Canada, and it can get really cold here during the winter. I love it, and here’s why. 1. Blood Shows Easily Against Snow I’ve found that tracking a deer shot with a bow & arrow can be a bit hard, mostly because in the fall there are plenty of different-colored leaves […]

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If you can spot the side profile of a gopher's head, you'll find lots more in the field.

Alberta Gopher Shooting – May 2014

This post is about shooting gophers. If you’re not into that, I’d recommend another post. Way before I was “into” guns as a hobby, I was definitely into shooting gophers. For a young boy with a cracked bolt action .22 that got ran over by a tractor and a pocket full of 22 shells, it […]

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Hunting for Meat and Dealing with Anti-Hunters

Personally, I haven’t run into many people against hunting. We’ve got to an interesting a point in time when I think many of the people who would have been against hunting in the past are now interested in knowing where their food is coming from, and can see the appeal in hunting simply from the […]

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Trophy of the Month 3 – August

Name: Adriel Michaud Location: Two Hills, AB, Canada Game: Whitetail deer Firearm: Browning BLR 308 Winchester Short story: First day of the season. Made all sorts of noise getting to my stand, talking, etc. Got there, rattled and this guy peeked out of a bush 20 yards away. Not fantastically big, but easily the fastest […]

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