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What Does Hunting Mean to You?

If anything, I think the recent, very public case of an American hunter poaching a famous Zimbabwe lion has really shone a light on poaching and hunting in general. What I found the most interesting was how hunters approach hunting so radically different. Just from a bystander’s view, I could see all these guys arguing about the “true […]

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If you can spot the side profile of a gopher's head, you'll find lots more in the field.

Alberta Gopher Shooting – May 2014

This post is about shooting gophers. If you’re not into that, I’d recommend another post. Way before I was “into” guns as a hobby, I was definitely into shooting gophers. For a young boy with a cracked bolt action .22 that got ran over by a tractor and a pocket full of 22 shells, it […]

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Trophy of the Month 3 – August

Name: Adriel Michaud Location: Two Hills, AB, Canada Game: Whitetail deer Firearm: Browning BLR 308 Winchester Short story: First day of the season. Made all sorts of noise getting to my stand, talking, etc. Got there, rattled and this guy peeked out of a bush 20 yards away. Not fantastically big, but easily the fastest […]

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