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DIY Archery Target

DIY Archery Targets

It has been too long since my last mini-post. This one’s on DIY archery targets. I’ve built the DIY archery targets with the foam puzzle pieces that people like to use for kid areas or for workshop floors and I’ve seen the compressed cardboard targets. Both work just fine. Where I think a bag like […]

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Getting Kids Started in Bow and Arrow

Honestly, there are lots of articles out there on getting kids into archery, but I found few that focused on getting them started young at a low price point. This isn’t as comprehensive or well researched as most of my articles, but I wanted to share some quick findings from trying 2 kits with my […]

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6 Cabela FX3 Broadheads

Cabela’s FX3 Broadhead

Introduction Broadheads that bow hunters choose seems like an area where there’s plenty of fantasy and marketing, and very little substance. Realistic differences between broadheads out there is more academic and marketing than real performance. For a bow that won’t tune well with a fixed broadhead, expandable broadheads can be an answer. For traditional or […]

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Diamond Outlaw arrow shelf, sights and arrow rest

Diamond Outlaw Compound Bow

My previous bow was a 2007 Bowtech Tomkat, a value priced bow from Bowtech. Bowtech typically prices the Bowtech branded binary (dual) cam bows higher than their single cam Diamond branded bows. As compound bow technology is still an area of high innovation, I wanted to upgrade to something newer. Arrow speeds are increasing with […]

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