Aimpoint PRO Review

The Aimpoint PRO is a mid to high end red dot optic used by police, military, and civilians. My Aimpoint PRO (pictured) is slightly different than newer models in that it retains the scope caps and battery cap with a connected rubber piece and I’ve also turned my scope caps upside down so that they […]

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Scorpio EM332A 22LR Review

The Scorpio EM332A is a Chinese manufactured, bolt action 22LR. The action itself is based on the Anschutz 54, so accuracy could potentially be very good. In fact, the 322 action is the same as that on the Norinco NS522 that I saw amazing accuracy out of. So, is the Scorpio EM332A a great way […]

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Canuck Regulator/Defender Review

The Canuck Regulator/Defender combo is a non-restricted, 12 gauge, pump action shotgun made in Turkey. They come with both a regular synthetic stock as well as a birdshead grip that you can use if you dislike hitting anything with your shotgun. With a 14″ barrel length, 4+1 capacity, and a set of 3 interchangeable chokes, […]

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ATRS Modern Sporter Lower

ATRS Modern Sporter Review

The ATRS (Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply) Modern Sporter is a Canadian-made, semi-automatic rifle similar to the AR15, but is non-restricted. Sold in upper/lower pairs or built to spec by ATRS, the Modern Sporter is an ergonomic, flexible Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) platform that you can build to whatever price point, weight, and accuracy you want. […]

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Canadian Rimfire Precision Series CRPS

This past weekend, I went to my first CRPS shoot. Although I’ve shot lots of 3 gun, some IPSC & IPSC-ish pistol matches, and Service Rifle/CQB a few times, I had not done much precision rifle shooting. 3 gun reaches out to 400 meters sometimes, but we’re shooting 223 at big steel plates, and that’s […]

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BCL102 jams

BCL102 Review

The BCL102 is a non restricted, semi-automatic, 308 rifle made in Canada. It’s based on the AR102 design, which predates the AR15 design and so it’s not an AR15 variant and can be non restricted with a 18.5″+ barrel here in Canada. Because it’s non restricted, you could use one of these to hunt with […]

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This modified Glock has a sandpaper grip that'd snag on clothing if carried concealed

Are Handguns Designed to Kill?

Man, I’m tired of hearing lazy arguments and this one is the laziest. It’s exclusively parroted by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. You’ve all heard it or seen a version: Handguns are ONLY designed for one purpose: murdering people. Rather than argue with a million lazy commenters on Reddit or CBC news […]

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Girsan MC28SA

Girsan MC28SA Review

A buddy of mine runs a Girsan Regard for 3 gun: it’s Girsan’s copy of a Beretta 92, and it’s a good one. The Girsan MC28SA is a Turkish made, semi-automatic handgun that copies a lot from the S&W M&P. But here’s the real kicker, I got this pistol for $289 Canadian dollars! Due to […]

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4 groups from Savage 10TR plus middle group from Savage 93R17

Acceptable Accuracy From Different Shooting Positions

I’ve seen a couple videos online where people are shooting from compromised positions and then using the results as a testament to the accuracy of their firearms and on the flip side I’ve seen a few people claiming ridiculously good results from their rifles as well. I thought I’d do a combo person+firearm accuracy averages […]

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