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Promag Archangel M1A stock with bipod and light

Promag Archangel M1A Stock Review

The ProMag Archangel M1A stock is a new arrival here in Canada and a great alternative to a regular synthetic stock or the substandard wood that typically comes with Norinco M305’s (Norinco’s copy of the M1A). Although it looks a bit like a JAE stock, it’s quite different. The JAE-100 Generation 3 stock comes with […]

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Norinco M14S Shorty

Norinco M305 Shorty Review

Not long after the first Polytech or Norinco M305 rifles (See my regular length Norinco M14S review here) arrived in Canada, there were those who wanted to chop the 22″ barrels down to the legal limit of 18.5″ to make them a bit handier. This involved a few tricks, because it’s not as straightforward as […]

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Norinco M14S right side

Norinco M14 Review

Designed around the time of World War II, The Norinco M14 is a reproduction of the original semiautomatic firearm. Commonly issued to Allied troops it uses a medium caliber bullet. Retired from combat service long-ago in favor of lighter weight, smaller caliber rifles, the M14 design is now popular with hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts. […]

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M14 op rod spring guide

M14 and M305 Accessories in Canada

Smaller M14 accessories are quite a bit easier to get in Canada than larger, more expensive components, but you still need to know where to look for what. I’ve only listed online suppliers that I could find that have stock available right now. If you know of, or are a Canadian retailer and can supply […]

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Norinco M305 synthetic stock

M1A M14 or M305 stocks in Canada

Here in Canada, we’re spoiled with access to the good, cheap Norinco M305 and M14S (check out my M305 / M14S Review here), but we are a bit limited on stock selection. Local dealers have to be import stocks from the US, and there are certain regulations that make that difficult. Some of the aluminum […]

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