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What's coming up for 2020?

Recap of 2019: Uploaded 63 videos to YouTubePublished 19 articles on this websiteShot 8 3-gun matches at CHASShot a couple pistol matchesAttended the Podcaster’s charity match in DrumhellerThat one time I accidentally shot my phoneShot my first CRPS match (article) (CRPS Website)Moved to 4K video on YouTube after I got a 4k TV and saw […]

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After the Ban

I wanted to write this article because I see a lot of Canadian gun owners online are really anxious, to the point of losing sleep, about the upcoming gun bans promised by the Liberal party, and I wanted to lay out some practical options. This is not a defeatist attitude, it’s being realistic about options […]

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Analyzing the 2019 Liberal Gun Control Platform

The day after the embarassing Trudeau brown/blackface incident, the Liberal party released their 2019 gun control platform. Symbolically at the location of a recent mass shooting, Trudeau unveiled a high level overview of the platform, spiced in with some American-rhetoric like “prayers just won’t cut it anymore”. I thought I’d break down what the platform […]

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I Guess YouTube Isn’t a Fad

While I started the website in early 2012, I only earnestly started my YouTube channel in 2014. Since then, a lot of people have appreciated or disliked my YouTube videos. I just recently passed a milestone that this country kid never would have thought possible: 5 Million views and 10,000 subscribers. Keep in mind that […]

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Tikka T3-2

Selling some guns

I’m selling a few guns, so I thought I’d put them up here to keep them handy. Savage 10TR in 308 in an MDT HS3 Stock with V3 MDT Skeleton Buttstock, Ergo grip with palm shelf, 20MOA Steel Warne Rail, 2 polymer MDT magazines and a Colonel Mustard Muzzle brake. Approximately 200 rounds fired. Retail, with no […]

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Win an RZ Mossy Oak Hunting Mask

RZ Industries sent me 2 mossy oak masks, a regular and XL. The regular fit me fine, so I’d like to give away the other. Check out my article on Best Hunting Face Masks. If you’d like a chance to win that mask, send in your favorite hunting picture that you’ve taken and a bit of […]

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Search lots of Canadian Gun Websites at Once

Some Canadian gun shop websites are good, but many are. . .dated. It can be frustrating to browse them. Browse, no more! The guys over at have built a website to search 15 of Canada’s gun shop websites all at once. Neat site, I tried to to price shop a few different pistols and it […]

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Which Hunting Rifle for 2016?

Which hunting rifle should I buy, use, and review for the 2016 hunting season? Not just what you like/own, but what you’d like to see reviewed. Looks like it’s the Tikka T3! Thanks everyone for voting!

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The CanadaGuns Talk Show, Episode 1

(6:30 PST, 9:30 EST) Link to the Channel: Link to the Show: Come join us in our first offical episode of the CanadaGuns talk show, brought to you by /u/The_Crover and/u/thehuntinggearguy deciding to get together and shoot the shit LIVE! Guest: /u/The_Crover /u/thehuntinggearguy /u/nomofica /u/theopkilla /u/dogfoodenforcer /u/alkali_feldspar you? Leave topics and posts in […]

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