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6.5 Creedmoor

Reloading for 6.5 Creedmoor

Fitting in between the 7mm-08 and the 243 Winchester, the 6.5 Creedmoor is excellent for long range shooting as well as hunting CXP2 (deer, antelope) sized animals. Ballistically, 6.5mm bullets are better suited for 1000 yard shots than a .30 cal bullet like the 308 Winchester uses. They’re longer, faster, and stay supersonic to longer […]

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308 vs 300 win mag

300 Win Mag vs 308

Unlike my 308 vs 30-06 article, this one is NOT splitting hairs. There is a great deal of difference between the 300 Winchester Magnum, affectionately known as the “300 Win Mag”, and the 308 Winchester. I’ll be primarily writing this article in mind of new hunters looking at rifles chambered in each of these cartridges, […]

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308 vs 30-06

308 vs 30-06

This article is written with beginning hunters in mind as they choose their hunting rifle and are considering the differences between the 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield. What’s great about both the 308 and 30-06 Even though there are 40+ years between development of the two cartridges, they share a lot in common when used […]

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action closed

Where to Buy Guns Online in Canada

If you’re new to firearms, the fact that you can order them online might be new to you. Nevertheless, it is legal and convenient. You can often get great prices and have a new rifle shipped to your home in a week. In general, only the biggest stores can have both low prices and decent […]

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Savage Axis

Hunting Rifles for Beginners

When it comes down to newcomers to the sport of big game hunting, one of the most common questions that comes up is which rifle to buy, and which caliber. For which caliber, check out my Popular Hunting Cartridge Ballistic Shootout. To make things quick, any of those cartridges will do the job, even the […]

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LAR-15 Magazine

LAR-15 Magazines in Canada

LAR-15 magazines are pistol magazines designed to take (10) rounds of .223 or 5.56x45mm. Normally, semi-automatic rifle magazines are limited to 5 rounds but because this magazine was designed for a pistol (the RRA LAR-15), it can take 10 rounds. You can use these magazines in your STANAG-compatible rifle such as your Norinco T97, AR15, […]

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Standing shooting position with hasty sling

Shooting Positions for Hunting

One of the striking things I’ve found about hunting with new shooters is that they’re not sure which positions are acceptably solid for various ranges. After seeing one new hunter unsuccessfully blast away at deer over 300 yards away, while he was in the standing position, I thought I’d write this article. This article is […]

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short one

DIY Elevated Hunting Blinds

Disclaimer: I’m no hunting shack construction expert. The shacks I’ve built have been made from scrounged materials and follow no logical building codes. When you build yours, please keep safety and your regional regulations in mind. When you have a bit of private land that you can hunt on, one addition that I’ve found adds […]

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An SVT40 in its natural habitat

10 Reasons Why I Love Hunting Deer in Winter

I live in Alberta Canada, and it can get really cold here during the winter. I love it, and here’s why. 1. Blood Shows Easily Against Snow I’ve found that tracking a deer shot with a bow & arrow can be a bit hard, mostly because in the fall there are plenty of different-colored leaves […]

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What’s the best caliber for hunting large game?

Well, the somewhat boring answer is that they’re all pretty good. Firearms media and old timers love to talk up their favorite cartridges, but pretty much any of the popular hunting cartridges perform¬†ballistically and on-game very much alike. I’m also assuming Deer, Elk, and Moose are the intended game; this isn’t the article you want […]

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