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Hima HG-105 Review

The Hima HG-105 is a semi automatic, bullpup, 12 gauge shotgun from Turkey. It uses 5 round mags, which would be the max for Canada anyways, and offers plenty of extra features. Tactical Imports loaned me this shotgun for review Specifications & Features 18.5″ barrel, chambered for 2 3/4 and 3″ shellsIncludes choke set with […]

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Norinco JW-20 Review (Copy of Browning SA-22)

Just recently, I reviewed the Savage 64 Takedown and some viewers rightfully called me out that it wasn’t the cheapest takedown 22 in Canada. That honor is currently held by the Norinco JW-20, a $180 copy of the Browning SA-22. So, I took the logical next step and bought one for review. I believe that […]

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Remington 581 22LR Review

The Remington 580 series of bolt-action 22LR rifles includes the 580 (single shot), 581 (detachable magazine fed) and 582 (tube magazine fed). They were made over a pretty long run of 1967-1999 (this one was made in 1980.) There was even a 580 “smooth bore” for shooting 22 shotshells. The 580 series was a replacement […]

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Remington Nylon 66 Review

The Remington Nylon 66 is a semi automatic 22LR made from 1959 until 1989. Remington collaborated with Dupont to use the new Nylon 66 formula to make a rifle that was mostly made of the polymer. While it looks like the receiver is at least made of steel, you’re actually looking at a thin sheet […]

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Savage 64 Takedown Review

The Savage 64 Takedown is a new take on the Savage 64 to make it into a handy takedown model. Released recently in 2019, the Savage 64 takedown is a semi automatic, magazine-fed, takedown 22LR. It uses a simple barrel nut that you can tighten or loosen by hand and it comes in a carrying […]

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Spectre Ballistics Ruger 10/22 Aluminum Chassis

The Spectre Ballistics International (SBI) 10/22 chassis is an aluminum chassis upgrade for your Ruger 10/22 that gives it more flexibility in parts and better ergonomics for use with a scope. SBI loaned me this chassis for this review. Spectre 10/22 Chassis Features The barrel is fully free floated (lots of room for even a […]

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What's coming up for 2020?

Recap of 2019: Uploaded 63 videos to YouTubePublished 19 articles on this websiteShot 8 3-gun matches at CHASShot a couple pistol matchesAttended the Podcaster’s charity match in DrumhellerThat one time I accidentally shot my phoneShot my first CRPS match (article) (CRPS Website)Moved to 4K video on YouTube after I got a 4k TV and saw […]

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Mossberg Plinkster Review

The Mossberg 702 Plinkster is a semi automatic 22LR rifle made by CBC in Brazil and imported/branded by Mossberg. It’s one of, if not THE cheapest semi auto 22’s you can buy, but is it any good? Prices vary in Canada and the US. I picked mine up on a black Friday sale at Tundra […]

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After the Ban

I wanted to write this article because I see a lot of Canadian gun owners online are really anxious, to the point of losing sleep, about the upcoming gun bans promised by the Liberal party, and I wanted to lay out some practical options. This is not a defeatist attitude, it’s being realistic about options […]

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Cadex CDX-R7 Sheepdog Review

The Cadex CDX-R7 Sheepdog and Shepherd precision rifles were designed as PRS or tactical ready rifles with a lot of features for the price. Using a Rem700 footprint custom action with a 4 lug short throw bolt, a fluted match grade barrel, adjustable aluminum-skeleton micro chassis, and adjustable custom trigger, the rifle packs a lot […]

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