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Kriss Carbine at Frontier Firearms

Top 10 Restricted Firearms in Canada

Since my Top 10 non restricted black rifle article is looking pretty popular, I thought I’d work on one for restricted versions. It’s a bit of a stray away from normal content for this website because we can’t hunt with these, but I thought it’d be interesting anyways. Thanks to diablo_man from r/canadaguns for help on […]

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short long

Does Barrel Length Affect Accuracy?

I’ve had too many people tell me that longer barrels are more accurate and that short barrelled rifles are crap or that 26″ is the “most” ideal. A quick Google of the topic didn’t pull up any really decent articles either (Yahoo Answers does NOT count.) So, does barrel length affect accuracy? Answer: Not really […]

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Dominion Arms AR-15

Dominion Arms DA 556 on sale

Looking for an excuse to buy your first AR-15? Canada Ammo has their Dominion Arms DA556’s on sale right now for $599. I have no affiliation with them, but thought this is a deal worth mentioning to Canadian firearms owners. This is similar to a new-version Norinco CQ-A, except it has a quad forend. I’ve […]

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bullet drop

Flattest Shooting Hunting Calibers

Yeah, yeah, I know they’re cartridges and not calibers, but lots of people call them calibers so I thought I’d roll with it. I thought I’d run an article on the flattest shooting rifle cartridges to compare and contrast both what’s popular, as well as a few of the high performance options out there. The […]

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Savage 6A

Where to Buy Used Guns in Canada

Buying used firearms comes with a unique set of challenges. Compared with new firearms, you’ve got to deal with a lack of warranty, unknown prior owner modifications or abuse, and frustrating seller ignorance of the rifle they’re trying to sell. That said, the used market can be the only way to fly if you’re looking […]

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Taking New Hunters Shooting

A good first experience shooting is a fundamental part of getting new hunters into the tradition. Plenty of new hunters are thrown into the sport without adequate firearms training and they can be a bit of a menace to themselves and to the wildlife. I’ve seen new hunters scared of shooting a big 300 Win […]

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Cold Weather Hunting Gear

Cold Weather Hunting Checklist

Do you use a checklist, or do you pack based on experience? Not to insult your or my experience, but humans make mistakes and forget. There have been 2 times I’ve been to the shooting range without a magazine for the particular rifle I had to shoot that day, once where I went without tools […]

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Polishing a Refurb SVT-40 Bolt Carrier

Note: as with all firearms advice on the internet, any modifications you undertake yourself are at your own risk. Also, don’t do this on a rare collectors firearm. The Tokarev SVT40 is a neat milsurp readily available in the Canadian market right now. Most of the SVT-40s you see will be refurbished variants, and part […]

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338 Lapua

338 Lapua vs 338-378 Weatherby

Another fun game of round comparison, this time pitting the ferocious 338-378 Weatherby Magnum and the military favored 338 Lapua Magnum. If you’re looking at these two rounds, the 338 RUM and 338 Edge are both worth looking at as well, but for today, I’ll just be focusing on the Lapua and Weatherby 338’s. The […]

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