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Savage Bolt Action Magazines

So after helping a friend of mine buy a brand new Savage hunting rifle, I happened to notice the magazine looked familiar. I removed the mag from the rifle and looked in awe as what I was in my hand was a plastic clip, Savage Axis mag. Yes, Savage has implemented the breakable plastic tab […]

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Remington 870 Wingmaster

Tactical Shotgun Accessories in Canada

I bought a used 870 that I wanted to tacti-cool for 3-gun competition, so I thought I’d put together an epic article on tactical shotgun accessories in Canada. Some people appreciate the ease of use, pointability, extra shells, and looks that tactical accessories provide. Like always, prices and availability will change and I’m still adding […]

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50 Beowulf Magazines in Canada

Within Canada, rifle magazines for semi-automatics are limited to 5 rounds. 5 rounds of whatever they’re designed for. So what happens when you design a STANAG-compliant magazine for the enormous 50 Beowulf? You get a magazine that can legally hold 14-15 rounds of 223. ***Update Nov 18, 2015: The RCMP considers these “dual use” magazines […]

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Blue line AR15 lower

AR15 Parts in Canada – Stocks, uppers, etc

This is a big departure for this site, because AR15’s are restricted and can’t be used for hunting in Canada. But. . .I got an AR lower and wanted to find info on parts availability, and the spreadsheet below is the result. I just had to share it because it took a while and some of the […]

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Stock Repair01

Budget Stock DIY Repair

During one weekend I had a chance to help my father-in-law dust off some of his firearms. We came across his Midland gun company (Parker Hale) 30-06 bolt action rifle. He shared some of his hunting stories that he had with this rifle back in the “good” ol days, including how the wooden stock cracked […]

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DIY Savage Axis Trigger Job

DIY Savage Axis Trigger Job Warning: screwing around with your trigger comes with some risk. You should have a good idea of what the rifle trigger should be doing, have a bit of mechanical sense, and test rigorously afterwards. If you adjust your trigger according to this content, you take responsibility for your modifications. If […]

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mildot reticle

Sighting in a Rifle for Long Range Hunting

Modern bolt action rifles are a modern day pleasure. Considering what people earn these days, an accurate bolt action rifle is much more within reach than it ever has been before. A new Remington 700 in 1962 would cost $115. That’s at a time when average monthly household income was $500. In 2012, the average […]

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Savage Axis Accessories

The Savage Axis is an incredibly inexpensive rifle and will be the starting point for a lot of hunters. I’ve got a few Axis-specific accessories below, but in order, here’s what I think should be replaced or upgraded: Trigger. It was hard to determine if I should recommend a $200 scope or a $100 trigger, […]

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facing each other

What is the most accurate 130 grain 270 Winchester?

I love the 270. It’s cheap, fast, accurate enough, comes in all sorts of rifles, carries enough to kill a deer at distance, and recoils well within reason. Out of my “popular hunting rounds” article, it’s easily my favorite. So when an opportunity to get a boxing sale Savage Axis came up, I got one […]

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Popular Hunting Cartridge Ballistics Shootout

Looking at getting a rifle in a different caliber, or looking at getting your first rifle? The array and names of the cartridges can be confusing. Is a 308 bigger than a 30 “ought six”? Is a 7mm bigger than a 9mm pistol? The makers of these different cartridges sure haven’t made it easy to […]

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