Where to Buy Guns Online in Canada

If you’re new to firearms, the fact that you can order them online might be new to you. Nevertheless, it is legal and convenient. You can often get great prices and have a new rifle shipped to your home in a week. In general, only the biggest stores can have both low prices and decent availability. Availability at times can be spotty. Here are some of the online stores I’ve used and what I’ve used them for. Interested in used guns? Check out my “Where to buy used guns in Canada” post.

Cabela’s – The website is a bit heavy, but it’s fully featured and easy to use. Cabela’s usually has great prices, but check a few other sources because sometimes they’re a bit higher. Generally excellent availability and great for hunting rifles.

Wolverine Supplies – Mainly tactical focus. Great website, prices are a bit higher than average, but they’ve also got a lot of products that no one else has. Excellent customer service.

Tenda’s is one of my new favorites. Their shipping isn’t the fastest, but their prices are frequently the best.

CanadaAmmo – Fairly new, but with a modern website, good customer service, and unique product offering, they’re worth a look. They’ve got an email mailing list that I’d encourage you to sign up to.

Frontier Firearms – General inventory is OK, but what really sets Frontier apart are their screaming deals that pop up every once in a while.

SFRC – SFRC has some great deals that come up every now and again. Pretty solid for tactical supplies as well.

CanadianGunNutz.com – The Equipment Exchange on CanadianGunNutz is a great place to buy and sell all sorts of stuff. It’s also easily the largest Canadian firearms forum, so you should be a member anyways.

Lever Arms – More tactical than hunting, but sometimes there’s crossover. Prices vary, with some being a bit more than average, where others are quite a bit lower.

Trade Ex Canada – Almost all used or surplus firearms and mostly European. If you want to hunt with a Mosin Nagant, SVT-40, a straight-pull Swiss K31, a Mauser, or a classy Husqvarna, they’re the guys to talk to. Very friendly guys, and they have an incredible amount of stock. A fantastic source if you’d like an inexpensive over under or side by side shotgun. I’ve always thought that a Husqvarna in 9.3×57 would be a great little inexpensive moose rifle. A little hard to get ammo for though 😉 They come across some very interesting handgun deals every once in a while too.

Ellwood Epps – Very good stock availability and generally decent prices.

P & D Enterprises – local to me, P & D has an OK selection of firearms, but excellent inventory of everything else. My favourite place for reloading components, and all sorts of other stuff.

Sail – I haven’t bought anything from SAIL, but my Quebec and Ontario readers are big fans.


Higginson Powders has everything you need for reloading and generally has it for the lowest price. Not much for a website, but easy enough if you’re looking for LEE, Hodgdon, or Bushnell products.

Mystic Precision has a few mostly unique product lines. Jerry is definitely the guy to talk to if you want ultra high accuracy or long range.

They’re not from Canada, but orders from this Brownell’s link help us pay for bandwidth. So if you were going to buy something from them anyways, use our link and help us pay for faster website hosting!

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