Selling some guns

I’m selling a few guns, so I thought I’d put them up here to keep them handy.

Savage 10TR in 308 in an MDT HS3 Stock with V3 MDT Skeleton Buttstock, Ergo grip with palm shelf, 20MOA Steel Warne Rail, 2 polymer MDT magazines and a Colonel Mustard Muzzle brake. Approximately 200 rounds fired. Retail, with no shipping or taxes, this would cost $1820 to build. Selling for $1400.

Tikka T3 Lite in 30-06. Used 1 season and in fantastic condition. Less than 50 rounds fired. $700

Dominion Arms Grizzly-MAG 12 Gauge Magazine fed shotgun. 18.5″ barrel, 1 magazine $180

Stainless Beretta 96 Brigadier in 40 S&W, comes with 2 mags: $800

SAM Military 1911A1 in 45 ACP, comes with 2 mags: $425

Springfield XD 45ACP. Comes with 2 mags: $700


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