I Guess YouTube Isn’t a Fad

While I started the website in early 2012, I only earnestly started my YouTube channel in 2014. Since then, a lot of people have appreciated or disliked my YouTube videos. I just recently passed a milestone that this country kid never would have thought possible: 5 Million views and 10,000 subscribers. Keep in mind that many of the small towns I grew up in had about 1,000 people in them, sometimes fewer, so numbers like 163,000 views per month seems crazy to me.

I only do this as a fun hobby, something to make content that didn’t exist before or that I didn’t feel was accurate. Since starting this hunting gear guy thing, I’ve learned new stuff about video editing, podcasting and audio editing, writing articles and photography, and I’ve connected with a ton of Canada’s hunting and firearms community. None of that was my forte before, because I was just a computer guy with sales/marketing experience.

The Website has continued to be enjoyed, as well, just recently passing the 6 million pageview mark.

A Gun Friendly YouTube?

I’m actively looking at other options to YouTube. They’ve recently put out more anti-gun restrictions, and it’s really a matter of time before we’re gone.

I’m trying BitChute. Good idea for a platform but no HD video just yet.

I’ve applied to Full30, but might not have enough volume for them.

Thanks to all my readers, viewers, and listeners. I’m not a pro at this stuff, I just try to do a decent job of what I see.

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