What's coming up for 2020?

Recap of 2019:

Stats for the year

  • 2.1 million video views on YouTube. The channel is up to 18,000 subscribers, and a crappy video on the M1 Garand is over 1 million views now
  • 1.1 million articles read on this website
  • 5000 views for the relatively new 3gun.ca

What’s coming in 2020?

  • A LOT more Project Mapleseed. I’ll be running most of the Alberta events and we’ve got a lot of them coming up for 2020.
  • Fewer 3 gun matches. If I had all the time in the world, I’d do both Mapleseed and 3 gun, but I want to spend a great deal of time establishing Mapleseed in Alberta next year.
  • More 22LR content. I’ve got an uber ammo breakdown that I’m still working through scoring, and about 4 more rimfire rifle reviews in the queue.
  • Some camping gear reviews. For any away matches for Mapleseed, I’ll camp where possible, so I’ll do some more reviews on that kind of gear.

Where can you find more HuntingGearGuy content?

An assortment of pics from 2019

Pics from a ladies day I helped at
Doing a Point of Instruction (POI) for Mapleseed
Bit of mud on my Aimpoint PRO
Helping out at a ladies day
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
Article I wrote on 3 gun
It’s Alberta, there’s snow
Snow won’t stop a Mapleseed training in Alberta
And it won’t stop a 3 gun match
Did a lot more small game hunting this year
View of standing position at a Mapleseed with better weather
My seat at the Podcaster’s Charity Shoot in Drumheller
Some of the guys from Project Mapleseed
Prone at Drumheller
Like a jigsaw puzzle!
Using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean parts
Packing up for a 3 gun match
These 8Up MG shell holders I got new for this year. They’re awful
My boy out gopher hunting with me
They look nasty, but they’re dry inside

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