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Ruger Precision Rifle Review

If you’re into precision rifle shooting, you’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of the Ruger Precision Rifle. Featuring an aluminum chassis, AR-style forend, adjustable buttstock, and innovative magazine well that accepts many different styles of magazine, Ruger rocked the shooting world with a very low introductory price. In the […]

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MDT HS3 Review

When it comes to precision rifles, the stock is one of the more important parts. Wood stocks swell with humidity, and inexpensive plastic polymer stocks can be bendy or poorly fitted to the action. An aftermarket stock can improve the repeatability between shots improving accuracy, offer more flexibility in configuration, as well as offering more […]

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Savage Axis

Savage Axis Review

Savage Axis XP Review The Savage Axis is a relatively new entrant into the bargain rifle category. Previously called the Savage Edge, the Axis is a modernization of the Savage 110 bolt action rifle in order to reduce costs while maintaining the generally excellent accuracy that Savage rifles are known for. It’s also a departure […]

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Marlin 795 action open

Marlin Model 795 Review

The 795 is Marlin’s most inexpensive 22 rimfire and one of the most inexpensive 22’s you can get in semi-automatic. I initially picked up this rimfire to use for light gopher shooting duty and have used it for plinking as well. At around $150 in the US and $219 in Canada, it’s definitely well priced. Marlin […]

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Savage Axis

Hunting Rifles for Beginners

When it comes down to newcomers to the sport of big game hunting, one of the most common questions that comes up is which rifle to buy, and which caliber. For which caliber, check out my Popular Hunting Cartridge Ballistic Shootout. To make things quick, any of those cartridges will do the job, even the […]

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AR180B safety and trigger

AR-180B Review

The ArmaLite AR-18 was initially designed as a lower priced competitor to the AR-15. It uses stamped metal construction instead of milling, similar to rifles like the AK47. The AR180B is a modernized, semi-automatic version of the AR18 that uses a polymer lower and more AR parts. If you’re really interested in the history, check out the […]

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Zastava M70 Review

Although the name says Charles Daly, this is really a Zastava M70 rifle at the heart. The Zastava brand has been gaining in strength in North America to the point where they no longer need to white label their products with brands like Remington, Century International Arms, or Charles Daly, because the Zastava brand stands on its own. This particular […]

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Ruger No1 action

Stainless Rifles for Hunting

Stainless steel rifles, sometimes called “All-Weather Rifles”, offer better weather protection than standard blued barrels and actions. If you hunt where it rains, or if you bring rifles in out of the frigid cold and have to deal with condensation, they can keep rust away and keep your rifle looking great without having to be […]

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Steyr Scout Review

And now, for something completely different. While I have been doing a lot of reviews on budget bolt action rifles, here’s a decidedly non-budget, yet still utilitarian bolt action rifle. Here in Canada, the Steyr Mannlicher Scout clocks in at around $2,500 while in the US, it goes for around $2,000. And while I’m not […]

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Henry US Survival Rifle (AR-7) Review

Henry US Survival Rifle (AR-7) Another niche rimfire rifle. While the Henry U.S. Survival Rifle is similar in price to the Henry Classic Lever Action 22, the design reflects a completely different purpose. The Armalite AR-7 Explorer that the Henry is based on was originally designed as a pilot’s survival weapon. Packed away in its […]

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