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WR762 Review: A Canadian VZ58/CZ858?

Here in Canada, a recent (2014) ban on CZ858 rifles as converted autos and then subsequent amnesty on owning those guns has introduced some potential risk to future “take backsies”. Canadians love the VZ58 pattern rifles and want more in country, so West Rifle and Kodiak Defense came up with the WR762: West Rifle 7.62. […]

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Robinson XCR-L Review

Note: Newer versions of the Robinson Armament XCR-L use a lighter forend with keymod slots. The one pictured here is the older version. What if you designed a rifle like an AR15, but with easier takedown, piston driven action, swappable caliber conversions, and better ergonomics? Add in the capacity for a folding stock, adjustable gas […]

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BRS-99 Closeup

BRS-99 Review

Here in Canada, it can be surprising what kind of firearms are available. When it comes to submachine guns, we can’t own any because full auto firearms are prohibited, but we can own some close relatives. And while we can own pistol caliber carbines like the Kel Tec Sub 2000, Suomi M31, or JR Carbine, some people […]

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Tikka T3 Scope Clearance

Tikka T3 Lite Review

For a beginner hunting rifle, I often recommend a budget rifle but what if you have a few extra dollars to spend on a better quality rifle? Within the midrange of hunting rifles ($600-$1000), there are 2 rifles that I hear most often recommended: the Browning X-Bolt and the Tikka T3 Lite. Tikka is Sako’s […]

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Troy PAR 308

Troy PAR Review

Gun laws are a bit odd in most countries. Gun control legislators usually legislate with emotions rather than logic, and the resulting laws are frequently all over the place. The most awkward laws are frequently those that attempt to ban “assault weapons”, a made up term to gun control activists use to describe a wide […]

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Kodiak Defense SKS-KD Review

For a while, SKS-D’s were brought into Canada. These commercial-focused SKS’s fit AK47 magazines, but were otherwise a plain old SKS. Over time, the SKS-D’s have gone up in price to where they’re around $500-$700 now on the used market. Kodiak Defense, a Canadian manufacturer, is now modifying Soviet SKS’s to use AK magazines. They […]

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Christensen Arms Classic Rifle Quick Look

Adriel here with another quick look; this time, it’s the Christensen Arms Classic rifle. This is a premium-priced, lightweight, precision rifle intended for making long shots between mountain tops. It uses a carbon fiber wrapped barrel for additional stiffness, a carbon fiber stock, adjustable trigger, and detachable AI style magazine. It comes loaded with all the […]

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Volquartsen Rimfire Rifles 22 WMR and 17 HMR Review

Volquartsen is well known for their aftermarket rimfire parts especially for the 10/22. VQ hammers, extended bolt handles, extended magazine releases, sears, safeties, bolt releases, extractors, and more are found on plenty of 10/22’s out there. At some point, you have to ask yourself, “why not just buy a complete Volquartsen rifle?”. Today, I wanted […]

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