The Best Canadian Firearms Media: Forums, Blogs, Podcasts, and Magazines

Calibre Magazine

I’ve been around guns all my life, but only picked up an earnest interest in them as a hobby since 2003. In that time, the internet landscape for Canadian shooters has grown, and I’d argue that we’ve got a couple of really cool outlets considering our population. So where do you go to get more gun talk (other than this website, of course ūüėȬ† **Update Nov 20, 2017: I’ve removed any media that hasn’t been active in the last year and updated some info.**

Best Canadian Gun Forums

CanadianGunNutz is the most obvious one and bears mentioning the first. The simple look of vBulletin may fool you, but this site hosts thousands of visitors per day and is likely the most popular firearms forum in Canada. Unlike many of the websites in Canada, this one is very well recognized by retailers and manufacturers, many of whom engage to some extent on the forum. While most threads are somewhat civilized and mostly intelligent, other threads are chock full of trolls, completely uninformed, brand lovers, brand haters, and extremely knowledgeable gun owners all thrown into the same mix. There isn’t really a decent way of getting around this problem with a traditional forum, you need comment voting and threading to properly sort the great comments from the . . .not so insightful ones.

The Equipment Exchange on CGN is free and¬†awesome. Seasoned buyers and sellers on the “EE” will pay via EMT quickly and ship quickly. Be forewarned that if you want to sell or buy on the EE, you’ll need to match these high expectations. This is¬†not Kijiji or Craigslist.

Gun Owners of Canada is fairly new and has yet to hit the number of users that CGN has, but they’ve got some really cool contests and some good people in the forums. It’s notably less “tinfoil hat” than CGN can be.

Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum¬†also does thousands of visitors every day (actually, they usually have thousands of users on the site at any given time.) Also run on vBulletin, the Alberta Outdoorsmen forum is backed by the Alberta Outdoorsmen Magazine. This forum is less categorized as CGN, so it can be harder to find interesting topics if you’re focused on a particular theme. Great if you’re in Alberta, still not so bad if you’re not. I’ve seen a few sellers from other provinces successfully selling their items on this forum.

If you’re on Reddit and want to talk guns, head on over to /r/canadaguns and join us! The voted post + comments system¬†is completely superior to the traditional forum style. If you’re already on Reddit, subscribe!

Best Canadian Gun Magazines

The best Canadian Gun Magazine? There¬†are a couple.¬†Calibre¬†is free, it’s great quality, and it’s available at most decent gun shops. I hate leafing through American gun magazines and looking at all the guns I can’t own, in configurations that would be restricted here, or meeting requirements over there that we don’t have here (pistol vs SBR, bullet buttons, and other nonsense.) Calibre’s on the cutting edge of what’s new in Canadian firearms, and had a T97 review at a time when there was only really 1 sample in the country. Their¬†new website is at¬†

The Canadian Firearms Journal is the NFA’s magazine.

Best Canadian Podcasts

Podcasts are almost like downloading radio shows. I personally listen to them on the drive to and from work, but other people use them at the gym or when reloading. If you have a long commute, they can be a great way to kill the time learning new things.

  • Slam Fire Radio¬†is an off-shoot from Canadian Reload Radio, and they put out a¬†lot of material. A 45-60 minute podcast every week is enough to kill a lot of commuting time for me, and these guys deliver. Though they put a lot of time into talking about pistol and tactical shooting, they do cover some hunting as well. Easy to pick up for someone new to shooting and touching on expert level items every once in a while. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud listening to this podcast. **Update** I’m now a host on Slam Fire Radio.
  • New Shooter Canada focuses on Canadian-specific content and offers excellent overviews for beginners.
  • Modern Rifleman Radio¬†has Canadian Bryan on
  • Canadian Patriot Podcast shoots their shows live with booze on YouTube.

Best Canadian Firearms Blogs and YouTube Channels

Canadian Gun Blogs

Canadian YouTube Gun Channels (subscriber counts updated Jan 10, 2018)

I haven’t been in this industry for decades. If you know of other great Canadian sources of information online or off that I should include, let me know in the comments below!

  • Sim

    Civil Advantage youtube channel is quite good – It is hosted from Vancouver:

  • Excellent suggestion, I’ve seen a few of their YouTube videos and totally forgot about them. Added!

  • Sam

    Hi,my name is sam/female I am wondering if there is a site to find info on working as a personnel cook/campee for hunters.

  • Dear Hunting Gear Guy, Dear Adriel —

    This is a great list, very useful! I come back to it often.

    I included several of the links on the Resources page of my blog (shameless self-promotion):
    Twitter: @TheGunBlog

    P.S. Your blog is among the first ones I check every day. Clear, straightforward, factual, and you share the links of where you get your info. Nice!

  • Jamie

    I would also vote for Civil Advantage, Rod is also president of the CCFR a Canadian firearms rights group. Also they are new but have some good stuff.

  • Kyle Smith

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