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What Are You Hunting This Year?

I thought it’d be kind of fun to ask a few readers and different media channels what they’re hunting this year. I went on Slam Fire Radio, Canada’s #1 firearms-related podcast (in my opinion), to talk shop with Owen and Matthew about what they were hunting. Matthew from Slam Fire Radio and mmatt YouTube Channel, […]

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ATRS Modern Hunter Rifle

The ATRS Modern Hunter Rifle

Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply (ATRS) has announced a new, domestic, non-restricted, semi-auto rifle. The Modern Hunter Rifle uses many popular AR15/AR10 accessories, but is a proprietary action/receiver designed to support the 308 family of cartridges (243, 6.5 Creedmore, 308 Winchester, 338 Federal, and more). The rifle is now available to order as customizable builds on ATRS’s website, […]

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HGG is on Gun Owners of Canada

Have you seen the GOC logo at the right and wondered what it was? Wonder no more! Gun Owner of Canada (GOC) is an online forum for (shocker) gun owners in Canada! Why is it cool? They run monthly/yearly give aways, and they are SWEET. This month alone (September 2014), they’re giving away a Norinco […]

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308 Muzzle Brake for Savage 10TR

Savage 10TR Update

Just a quick update on my buddy’s Savage 10TR. We’ve mounted a 3 gill brake from Colonel Mustards. Colonel Mustard’s is fairly new on the scene, and sell a lot of AR15 and NCStar accessories. Which, in my case, was perfect because my buddy didn’t want to spend $100-$150 for a brake. I think I’d have […]

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Pimped out Budget Bolt Action Rifles?

Within the 1-2 years, something very interesting has been happening in the budget bolt action rifle market: more features. You could really point to the Savage 200 as one of the first of the new crop of decent bolt action blasters because while there were previous budget priced rifles, the 200 didn’t make many of […]

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A Couple More AR15 Sales

The AR sales continue! IRunGuns is now offering the DPMS Panther Oracle at $525 USD If you’d prefer an AR from a higher quality brand, Wolverine is was selling the Daniel Defense DD M4V1 for $999 These prices are excellent, there’s no better time to get into the AR game than now.

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SFRC Sale on DPMS Oracle AR15s

SFRC Sale on DPMS Oracle AR15s

I don’t normally feature sales on this site, but this deal is pretty good. Gotta wonder if the AR supply has far outstripped demand if prices are dropping this fast. Whatever it means, this is a pretty inexpensive way to get into the AR15 game. $659 with a $50 rebate gets this rifle to within […]

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Make a Difference in the Common Sense Firearms Act

I learned from that there’s a CGN-led petition to suggest changes to the upcoming Common Sense Firearms Act. This is your chance to be heard and propose some common sense changes to this act. SIGN UP HERE -> Website – ADD YOUR IDEAS HERE -> FOLLOW US Twitter – LIKE US Facebook – Email –

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Changes Coming to Canada’s Firearms Laws

Taking a break from my holidays to provide an update on a new announcement. Essentially, there were 2 firearms related policies announced. One was de-criminalizing the CZ858 and Swiss Arms rifles that are prohibited. This will provide a way for owners of these rifles to do something with them other than gaze at them longingly from […]

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