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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hunting Dad or Husband

With Father’s Day 2015 coming up on June 21st, I thought I’d get a few ideas out there for the different kinds of hunting dads and husbands. I’ve got gift ideas split into: Father’s Day Gifts for Archers Father’s Day Gifts for Cold Weather Hunters Father’s Day Gifts for Duck Hunting Dads Father’s Day Gifts for Varmint Hunters Father’s […]

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NFA Card

Why More Canadian Hunters Should Join the NFA

I’ve had this article in mind for a while and had some time to reflect on and write it. See that rifle above? It’s a semi-automatic Browning BAR. Looks like a cool hunting rifle, right? There are thousands of Canadian hunters that rely on this rifle to take deer, moose, and other game each year. It […]

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Canada Gun Stats

Go out and Google for unbiased gun stats for Canada. The landscape out there sucks; it’s all strong pro-gunners or strong anti-gunners, both of which have no problem ignoring inconvenient stats if they run counter to their beliefs. My desire to write this article came about listening to pro-gunners spouting off facts that were unabashedly […]

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What is Canadian Service Conditions Rifle Competition?

I haven’t seen very many written articles on this shooting competition, and I really like the competition format, so I decided to make 1 longer article on Service Conditions Rifle Competition. I know it doesn’t have much to do with hunting, but this is a really fun competition and I love that it’s rifle-oriented. Service Conditions CQB […]

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New Website Theme

Hi everyone! We’re testing out a new theme for the website that should make it a lot easier for anyone browsing the site on a phone or tablet. Let us know if you’re seeing any problems or if it’s difficult to find anything!

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