Dominion Arms DA 556 on sale

Looking for an excuse to buy your first AR-15? Canada Ammo has their Dominion Arms DA556’s on sale right now for $599. I have no affiliation with them, but thought this is a deal worth mentioning to Canadian firearms owners.

Dominion Arms AR-15

This is similar to a new-version Norinco CQ-A, except it has a quad forend. I’ve seen these in person, and while you won’t ever mistake them for the nicest looking AR’s, they’re very reliable and some of the commonly cut corners on other rifles (like poor gas key staking) are done right on this rifle. Given its price point, its only competition are polymer-lower rifles, which can have reliability problems. There’s also the DPMS Oracle for a bit more.

 Why even bother buying an AR15 if they’re all restricted?

A great question considering our hunting focused audience:

  • They’re the best choice for rifle-focused competitions like 3-gun, service rifle, etc. These competitions hone your rifleman skills in a way that paper punching or harvesting 1 animal a year cannot.
  • They’re the best Modern Sporting Rifle.
  • They’re relatively inexpensive (as this $599 example shows)
  • They’re infinitely customizable and have the most aftermarket support of any rifle system.
  • Owning one adds another Canadian user, makes it more costly for political parties to ban, and adds to the aftermarket economy.
  • If the unfortunate happens and they do get prohibited, you may be grandfathered in if you own one.
  • If they happen to get unrestricted, you’ll have a rifle that you’re familiar with and you’ll be ready to go coyote hunting.

Even hunters, who can’t hunt with restricted guns, should care about restricted firearms. Any gun-grabbing legislation is likely to focus on restricted and “black” guns first, so those guns and owners end up being a buffer between gun grabbing politicians and traditionally equipped, hunting families. If you don’t feel like owning any of these types of guns, but agree with me in supporting other’s enjoyment of them, join the NFA or CSSA. Those organizations work to ensure that we don’t have UK or Australian style, idiotic legislation.

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