What is the most accurate 130 grain 270 Winchester?

Savage Axis Blued and Stainless

I love the 270. It’s cheap, fast, accurate enough, comes in all sorts of rifles, carries enough to kill a deer at distance, and recoils well within reason. Out of my “popular hunting rounds” article, it’s easily my favorite. So when an opportunity to get a boxing sale Savage Axis came up, I got one and my buddy did too. Mine was in stainless, his blued steel, both in 270. When it came time to sight them in, we thought that we should buy a pile of factory ammo and see what these rifles can do. We chose 6 different factory 270 cartridges, all with 130 grain bullets, took some pictures of them and took them out to the range. We fired at least (3) 4 shot groups of every type, and shot more of the ones that looked better. So, the groups that appear the best were also tested the most.

facing each other

Test notes: Both rifles were shot off lead sleds, on a calm day, with cleaning rods pulled through after each group and a fowling shot fired at a separate target, 4 shots per target, and I used “on target” software to measure spreads. That said, we’re human, and some of the inaccuracy is ours alone. Also, these test results may be completely different on longer barrel or different make/model rifles. The Axis is a bit short at 22″, so don’t read these results and automatically dismiss what didn’t work for us.


Let’s get straight to the point, which one shot the best?

Remington Core Lokt2.101.69
Winchester Grey Box2.102.1
Winchester Silver Tip0.940.82
Federal Blue Box1.31.9
Federal Fusion2.50.74
Hornady Superformance2.051.355

Silver Tip Group

Love those Silver Tips

In short order, both Axi (plural for Axis’?) loved the Winchester Silver Tips. Both fired (2) 4 shot groups under 1″, with mostly horizontal spread, which is supposed to be better than ugly vertical spread that can hurt over longer distances. Let me tell you, I hate that my rifles love expensive ammo, but groups are groups.

The second place bullet is a bit debatable. The Fusions are the clear second first for the stainless Axis, which punched an average beautiful 0.74″ groups, but those Fusions turned in a less defensible 2.5″ group on the blued rifle. The blued Axis #2 would be the Federal blue box, with a 1.3″ group. We’ll call it a tie for 2nd.

Third place was the round I really wanted to win, the Hornady Superformance. It turned in 1.5″ groups on the stainless, and 2″ groups on the blued sample. If you really feel the need for speed, this bullet’s got it but it wasn’t as accurate as the others in our test. I’d love to say it was the most accurate and the super-speed demon that I could use in my rifle, but I’d rather use the stuff that turned in groups half the size.

Finally, which bullets did our rifles hateWell, the Winchester grey box came out last in both rifles, averaging out 2.1″ groups. The Remington Core Lokt gave a poor showing of 1.9″ as well. To be honest, the Core Lokt’s that I pulled out of that box looked a bit nasty. Going off the reddish corrosion/crap, they may have been on the shelf for a loooong time. Maybe newer/better samples would perform better?

In any case, if you buy a Savage Axis in 270, look to the Winchester Silver Tips, Federal Fusion, Federal Blue Box, and Hornady Superformance as your top choices for accuracy.

  • Alex

    thats weird! i had the same results too with my blued 30-06 axis shooting Feb. Fusion and Fed. Powershok. With Fusion, best i could get was 2.25″ groups and with Powershok it was 1″ MOA @ 100 yards. Worse part about it though is i still have the stock scope and when i make an adjustment, the group moves to the other side of the paper. i guess thats what i get for buying a rifle that comes with a $20 scope.

    Also to mention. i did try the same rounds in my 30-06 X-bolt and found the same results. Fusion could only get 2.5″ while Powershok was 1″.

  • Alex

    Another question. What brand has the best balistic tip? i have been using the Silver-tip with my X-bolt, but people say that the Accu-bond retains weight the best and is just as accurate. Then i heard Vitalshok was the best bang for your buck. Whats your take on it?

  • 1. What kind of animal is on the menu?
    2. Do you mind lead bits in your deer ribs?

    You won’t see any difference in lethality on deer, but there may be fewer lead fragments in the ribs if you go with a bonded bullet like the Accubond. Personally, I shoot whatever is the most accurate. Ballistic Tip, Accubond, SST’s, whatever gets the job done. The Federal Fusions seem like the best combo of affordability, great accuracy, and semi-premium bullet to me.

  • I agree, the adjustments on that stock scope are mushy and generally awful. Weird that the Fusions didn’t shoot well in your X-bolt. My buddy has an X-bolt in 7mm rem mag and it seems to love pretty much anything.

  • Alex

    Ya the X-bolt did not like it at all. I have buddies who absolutely love Fusion for accuracy and take down power but I do know they have stainless barrels on their rifles. I myself only buy blued and had no luck with Fusion at all. Maybe a coincidence? I was quite surprised by from your buddy only getting 2.5″ groups and then you get better groups than the Silvertip at 0.74″ groups.

  • Alex

    My menu consists of anything that has four legs, doesn’t bark, and is legal to hunt. I’m just looking for something that can penetrate hard skin and carry its weight well. Fusion i heard is good but shoots like shit in my X-bolt.

  • JoeSchmoe

    thats funny,ni’m only 15, and haven’t been shooting too long, but I can still managed to get around 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards, and 1 and a bit inch groups at a 100, with 130 gr. Remington Core Lokt .270, out of a stainless axis. I’m sure that’s also got a lot to do with me seeing as I’ve never been able to shoot much under MOAnI guess I’m just lucky my gun is as cheap as I am.

  • It’s nice when your rifle likes the cheap stuff!

  • Nathan Pierson

    Have a question just got into hunting this year. Bought a remington 78 sportsman 270. What would be the best ammo for this rifle?

  • Hard to know without shooting it, but I’d start with Federal Fusion and Winchester Silver Tip.

  • Robert Anic

    I had a similar experience with the 130 grain Fusion. At a recent trip to the range, using my new Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker, .270 Win, I shot the following: Hornady American Whitetail 130 grain (best .848 inch); Federal Fusion 130 grain (best .410 inch). The Federal Fusion also kept its grouping with a cold and hot barrel. I’m going to stock up on the Fusion 130 grain!

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