Hima HG-105 Review

The Hima HG-105 is a semi automatic, bullpup, 12 gauge shotgun from Turkey. It uses 5 round mags, which would be the max for Canada anyways, and offers plenty of extra features. Tactical Imports loaned me this shotgun for review

Specifications & Features

  • 18.5″ barrel, chambered for 2 3/4 and 3″ shells
  • Includes choke set with Full, Modified, and Cylinder
  • Comes in a nice soft case
  • Comes with flip up sights
  • Comes with angled foregrip
  • Charging handle can be swapped to left or right side
  • Adjustable height cheek rest

Shooting the HG-105

I feel like you either like bullpups or you don’t. Personally, I love the compactness that they deliver, they’re super quick to point, and they don’t get in the way at all when they’re slung up. Compared with traditional layout firearms, they’re a bit slower to reload, they’re not great to shoot prone from, they usually have a bit higher sight over bore, and some suffer from rougher triggers or charging because of different mechanisms to connect them further back.

I found that the gun needed “working in” with about 100 3″ shells, then a good cleaning and oiling before it would cycle 2 3/4 shells. A bulk pack of 100 Winchester duck shells did the trick.

As such, the HG105 is a fun gun for the range. Mags are a straight insert, and don’t need to be rocked and locked. Almost all the controls for the shotgun are found on the left hand side, including the safety which you can activate using your thumb on your right hand, or the bolt lock and mag release, which are on the rear left of the gun and can be worked with your left hand as you reload the gun.

Use Cases

  • As a truck gun where you have limited length available
  • As a fun range gun
  • Turkey gun (with appropriate red dot or scope?)
  • Other?

The Hima HG105 is a fun shotgun. They look cool, they’ve got some interesting ergonomics and features, and they do come with interchangeable chokes so you can use it for some hunting if you want.

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