Boito 410 Side By Side Review

Boito 410

I’ll make this review quick, because these shotguns aren’t in fantastic supply right now and they’re not exactly new on store shelves. This shotgun is a Boito 410 Side by Side (SxS). I believe it was about $400 when purchased new and features 26″ barrels, double triggers, and extractors. It’s a bit heavy for a 410 at 6 lbs 13 oz. Like many other break open shotguns, it features an automatic safety. Personally, I dislike automatic safeties; they just get in the way when you’re at the range blasting clays, and I’ve had them hold me up after a quick reload in the field as well. Wood figure on this particular shotgun was a bit on the dark side, but otherwise OK. It had more figure than many of the plain walnut stocks that I’ve seen.


  • Was inexpensive at the time.
  • Heavy barrels will likely take more abuse than thinner barrels.
  • I prefer double triggers to single on a double barrel.
  • Heavy, easy to see rib down the middle.


  • Too heavy for a 410.
  • Extractors. I prefer ejectors for their faster reloads.
  • Annoying automatic safety
  • Action was pretty stiff

I suppose if you wanted your wife or someone who was very recoil sensitive to come along and enjoy shooting birds with, this could be the shotgun for them. With its buttpad and weight, its a very soft shooter. If the intended user was youth, I’d go with a lighter and much cheaper single barrel 410.

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