Winchester Super X Power Point Review

Winchester Power Point Review

Winchester Power Point

The Ugly Duckling

I think I got a bad box of this stuff. Maybe it was bring your kid to work day, or maybe QC was asleep at the wheel, but the box of Winchester Super-X 22 LR ammo that I got was a bit dinged up and ugly looking. It was as ugly on the inside as it was on the outside: giving poor accuracy among the standard velocity loadings, and throwing hot ash right after the case ejected when used in my Marlin 795. Shot pretty accurately in my NS522 though.

Winchester Super-X Power-Point Accuracy

Winchester super-x accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards

I’ll have to give this one another try in the future, from a completely different lot number. Despite how nasty the bullet tips looked, it gave OK groups in some of the rifles tested. Hopefully the QC is a bit better on the next box.

Video Review

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