Remington Yellow Jacket Review

Remington Yellow Jacket Review

Remington Yellow Jacket

Yesteryear’s High Performer

I remember buying this stuff as a kid; has it always been around or did Remington ramp production back up once 22LR got hard to find? This is like the original CCI Stinger: a fast, lightweight bullet made for speed. The Remington Yellow Jacket has 1 advantage: it uses a standard length case. That makes it OK to use in match actions, while the Stinger’s longer case shouldn’t as it may damage the start of the rifling on a tight match chamber. Now, would you use Remington’s Yellow Jacket in match chambers? We did!

Remington Yellow Jacket Accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards

Yellow Jacket turned in bigger-than-average groups, but still not too shabby! Considering that Yellow Jacket’s true calling is blasting gophers in the field and slinging that deadly, 33 grain bullet, complete with massive hollow point at high speed, the accuracy is just fine.

Video Review

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