GSG-MP40 22LR Review

The GSG-MP40 is a German-made, MP40 style semi auto rifle chambered in 22LR. While original MP40’s are prohibited in Canada, the GSG-MP40 is non restricted, so you can get into a MP40 looking rifle for $599 that you can actually shoot. My 3 gun buddy Kurt loaned me this rifle for review.


  • 12″ barrel
  • 23 round stick mag, extra mags are $59
  • 2 flip up rear iron sights with one sighted for long distance
  • Non reciprocating charging handle
  • Under-folding stock


At ~7lbs, the GSG-MP40 has enough heft that it doesn’t feel like a toy. The exterior still uses a lot of plastic, but that’s to be expected from a rifle at this price point.

Using the magazine as a front grip, the gun is super satisfying to shoot from the hip. Shooting it from the shoulder stock, you begin to understand the compromises that Germany put into the design in order to get a compact, inexpensive submachine gun. Underfolding stocks like this don’t have a super comfortable cheek weld. The sight picture isn’t too bad, and the bright yellow dot on the front sight is an inexpensive way to make the sights a bit easier to pick up and use.

The safety is located where the original takedown was on the GSG. For every 90 degree rotation, you rotate between safe and fire. It’s not super practical as a safety, but it’s a clever way to give functionality to an original design feature.

There are sling slots on the rear of the receiver and on the front left of the the receiver next to where the barrel starts. Slinging it up should allow you to carry the firearm on your right hip, ready to pull up at a moments notice (to shoot a pop can?).


  • Takedown depends on a set screw that you’ll need an allen key for
  • Trigger takeup is long, but there are mods you can do to improve this
  • WWII ergonomics aren’t very ergonomic, but that’s what you’re buying


So what and who is the GSG MP40-22 for? It’s not a super practical hunting or precision shooting. But what the MP40 22LR delivers is fun plinking. Pulling one out at a gravel pit, you can shoot it at pop cans, shoot it from the hip, and shoot it using the uncomfortable underfolding stock. Ram in a huge stick mag with 23 rounds, slap the charging handle down from its notch, and have at it.

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