Federal Champion 525 Bulk Pack Review

Federal Champion 525 Bulk Pack Review

Federal Champion 525 Bulk Pack

A coated bullet to keep lead off your fingers when loading, a high speed 36 grain bullet, and CHEAP. I love this stuff. Accuracy is only so-so, and the tiny hollow point doesn’t look too functional, but this stuff kills, it’s cheap, and it’s available. Of the bulk ammo tested in our 2014 22LR shootout, it was middle of the road accurate.

Federal Champion Bulk Package Accuracy

Federal Champion Bulk Accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards

I don’t have too much to say about bulk ammo packs, but I do like the┬áplated┬ábullet on these. While unplated was clearly the way most match ammo goes, the waxy lubes and lead contamination you get on your fingers just isn’t worth it when blasting cans or gophers. Cheap, plated ammo has its place.

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  • Daniel

    I think there great value for money and as accuracy goes there not bad, I’m shooting at 100 yards to 200 and have got head shots at 200 yards it’s tricky but 100 no problem, I use a savage mk ll and I find it’s perfect for it, when I go hunting most of the time I use cci but I think there a great round and I have about 6 boxes stocked up and getting more. Can never have enough

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