CCI Mini-Mag Review

CCI Mini-Mag review

CCI Mini-mag

The CCI Mini-Mag is a standard size bullet (40 grain) at a higher-than-standard velocity of 1235 FPS. It uses an easy handling, copper-plated, round-nosed bullet. It’s a favorite in the gopher squad for its availability and good overall results.

CCI Mini-mag Accuracy

Group Inches at 50 yards

Group Inches at 50 yards

Very respectable accuracy numbers, 100% reliability in our semi-autos, and consistent results among all rifles tested. I’d take a box of CCI Mini-mags over a box of Remington Thunderbolt, but the differences aren’t extreme. The box quality, with its sliding lid, is better than the up/down stack in a box of Remington Thunderbolts, but prices were higher where I was.

Video Review

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