Savage 111FCXP3 Review

Savage 111 FCXP3

The Savage 111FCXP3

The Savage 111FCXP3 is a budget rifle running under the Savage brand. The new incarnation of this rifle is called the “Hunter XP”, but it’s running with essentially the same components. There was a major update to the 111fcxp3 where they improved the stock, bolt, magazine latch, and magazine. Unlike Savage’s other rifles, the 111FCXP3 does not come with the accutrigger or the new accustock. Like their other rifles, it shoots like a barn on fire! There have been a few different brands of scopes mounted to these rifles, but they’ve all been pretty cheap Simmons, Bushnell, etc models. The Savage 111 I have reviewed below is the old style, with the side latch magazine. Compared to the new style magazine plus latch, it feels and works a lot worse. It can be fiddly to get the magazines in, the side latch mechanism is prone to problems with dirt or debris, the mag feels cheaper, and it’s just not as convenient to use.

savage 111 FCXP 3 action

Savage 111FCXP3 vs other rifles

This rifle competes with budget bolt rifles like the Remington SPS, Remington 770, Weatherby Vanguard, or the Mossberg 100ATR, in addition to, several competing models from within the Savage line. In and around the same price is also the Savage Axis and Stevens 200. The Savage 111FCXP3 comes with a detachable magazine and was one of the first budget rifles to do so. I really prefer detachable mag rifles to hinged or bling mag rifles because I have to cross roads between 2 of my hunting spots, and pulling out the mag while crossing the road is just a heck of a lot easier than dumping cartridges from a hinged mag or cycling the bolt 4 times to empty out a blind mag. Other hunters must feel the same way, because this rifle continues to be a popular choice among hunters I meet. The 111FCXP3 does not come with the excellent Savage Accutrigger but the trigger it does come with is pretty good. You can get upgrade to a Rifle Basix, Timney, or SSS trigger if you’d like, but you’ll quickly find yourself approaching the price of an upgraded Savage with the Accutrigger. **2013 Update: I installed a Rifle Basix trigger in my Axis and it is fantastic. Much shorter sear engagement = not nearly as gritty of a trigger pull. Highly recommended. The buttpad is the one piece that I’d recommend upgrading, especially if you get it in .300 win mag or 7mm rem mag. The factory one is hockey puck hard, and Limbsaver makes some great replacement buttpads that will soak up more recoil.

The Package Scope

The scope that comes on the 111 FCXP3 is, like other package rifle scopes, not what I’d go for. Mine came with a Simmons, but others out there come with a low end Bushnell or other scope. I pulled the scope off mine and put it on a .22; replacing it with a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9×40. It’s been great on the .22, but the light and clarity put it off my list for a great hunting scope. This rifle deserved better.


If there’s one thing you can say about Savage rifles, they can shoot! This rifle is a .270 Winchester, but every Savage or Stevens I’ve owned has shot less than 1 MOA with most factory ammunition. With reloads, I’m often able to pull 4 shot groups of .75″. My Stevens 200 in .223 Remington, which shares the same action as the 111FCXP3, regularly does .5″ groups at 100 yards (although I did have it bedded, so it’s not quite factory). You simply cannot get a more accurate rifle for less money.

bolt head


If you find a used Savage 111 FCXP3 at a great price, I’d really look for one of the ones with the bottom latch magazine. It’s a better magazine system and the stock is a touch nicer. Otherwise, the rifle is simple, accurate, and can be counted on to make that shot count when it presents itself. If you have a friend who is looking into getting into hunting, there is no rifle I’d recommend higher than the Savage 111. Just try not to be jealous when you find out it shoots better than your $1000 rifle!


Here’s my older gallery, just in case you want MORE PICS!

Savage 111FCXP3

Reviewed by Adriel Michaud on Apr 26, 2012

You simply cannot get a more accurate rifle for less money
There is no rifle I’d recommend more for new hunters than the Savage 111FCXP3


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    Thanks really helped me out. Just bought the gun 7mm mag. Can’t wait to pick it up.

  • Great choice of caliber, glad the review helped.



  • edubro

    Hi! Do you think the savage 111fcxp3 .300 win mag is fine to hunt big game at 700/800 yards? I’ll apreciate your answer. Tnx

  • Absolutely! I’ve got game ranges for popular cartridges in another article here:

  • edubro

    Adriel: Thank you for your answer. Just in case: I didn’t want to ask for the caliber .300 win mag, I wanted to ask if the Savage 111FCXP3 .300 win mag has enough accuraty to hunt till 700/800 yards. I’m sorry, my question was wrong. I’ll wait for your answer before to buy it.

  • edubro

    Another question: I use to hunt with a shotgun Maverick 12 cal., and the recoil is ok for me.

    Do you think the recoil of the .300 win mag is stronger than a shotgun 12 cal or both are similar?

  • That’ll depend on what kind of slugs/buckshot you were firing out of the Maverick. I find a 300 win mag to be a sharper kick than a slug out of a shotgun, though they’d be similar in recoil.

  • Most of the Savage’s will do less than 1MOA at 100 once you’ve found what ammo they like, so they’ll be good to 700-ish depending if you’re hunting deer or something larger but the bigger question would be whether you can do your part. Firing on an animal at 700-800 yards is difficult and requires good optics, a fantastic rest, and lots of practice. I’ve only gone out to 650 myself.

  • Tim

    Would you recommend to spend the extra money to purchase the savage 111 over the savage axis?

  • Wil

    anyone know where to get a clip for the savage 111FCXP3 in 30:06 with side release?


    Back in October,2012 I posted about my ”then new” 111 FCXP3 in .300 win mag. 3 years later,5 deer,2 moose and 2 Black bear have gone to the ”happy hunting grounds” ( My freezers) except for one moose ,last year
    one shot each…the moose was on his feet ,heading to an icy river…2nd shot thru neck put him down. Its proved to be a remarkable rifle and I might put in a ”plug”for LEOPULD scopes,. a little ”lock tight” on the leo bases and leo ring screws . the rifle has kept its zero……. best bang for the buck…….magazines available from CABELAS CANADA/U.S.A..

  • Whitecloud

    Have you find that clip yet? I cant find one for mine been looking for over a year.

  • Scott Gary Wojcik

    i love my savage 111 .270 , but wondering what’s the highest grain i can shoot in this , SAVAGE 111 .270 ?????

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