Ruger PCC Review

The Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) market has really exploded in the last few years, with more manufacturers joining in the game. Ruger has brought out the Ruger PC Carbine, a takedown PCC. In a crowded field of other PCC’s how does it fare? It’s $549.99 in the US, and $839 in Canada.

Ian from Canadian Patriot Podcast and Canadian Prepper Podcast loaned me his Ruger PCC for this review.

Ruger PC Carbine Specifications

  • Comes in 9mm or 40 S&W, 17 or 10 round capacity for 9mm, and 15 or 10 for .40 S&W
    • Uses Ruger mags (comes with 1) or Glock mags with the magwell adapter
  • Regular plastic handguard or free float aluminum handguard
  • Black, FDE, ODG, ‘Merican flag camo,
  • 16.1″ barrel
  • Rear sight is a ghost ring/peep style
  • Charging handle can be installed on left or right hand side
  • Stock adjustable for length of pull using spacers
  • 6.8lbs (3.1kg)

Ruger PC Carbine Design

Once you start using the Ruger PC Carbine, it starts to feel like an overgrown 10/22. The bolt hold open works just like a 10/22, the crossbolt safety and trigger mechanism all look the part as well. The takedown lever works exactly the same, and the action is all enclosed in the receiver as well. In my opinion, Ruger kept too much of the 10/22 in the PCC where it doesn’t belong.


  • PRICE. The Ruger PCC wins at the quality/cost
  • The takedown system is incredibly good. Fast and easy to use
  • Simple reciprocating charging handle design, I love left hand charging handles
  • Very short, fast cycling action
  • Love the grippy checkering
  • Picatinny and sling stud on the bottom of the forend is thoughtful
  • Stock adjustable for length of pull: I love seeing this as a factory standard
  • Comes with the Glock magwell so you can use common Glock mags
  • Factory iron sights are quick to use


  • No tactical mag drops: you gotta use your support hand to release mags because the mag release is way up front
  • Stock is made for iron sight use. It’d be nice if they included a cheek riser in case you wanted to use a red dot or scope
  • Disassembly to get to the bolt is much more complicated than competitors’ designs

Where does the Ruger PCC fit?

With its quick takedown, fast to use iron sights, and great price, the Ruger PC Carbine is a super fun gun to take out plinking. It packs into a backpack easily and shoots cheap 9mm, or 40 if you went that route. It could also fit in as a survival gun when you want more than 22LR. The Ruger PCC is wayyyy more enjoyable to shoot than some of the dedicated PCC survival takedown rifles.

As-is, the Ruger PCC isn’t the absolute best choice for shooting PCC competitions in IPSC or 3 Gun. The magazine release isn’t as go-fast gamer as it could be, the safety isn’t as quick to use as an AR-style one, and the stock needs a raised cheek rest if you’re going to use a red dot.

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