Non Restricted Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) in Canada

In the same vein as my top non restricted rifles in Canada, I thought I’d make one dedicated to PCC rifles that are NR in Canada. Important for us in Canada: it can’t be based on an AR15 or it’ll be restricted, and pistol mags are better as they’re limited to 10 in Canada instead of 5 for rifle only mags. Note: some of the guns below use barrel shrouds that look like suppressors, but aren’t as suppressors aren’t legal in Canada.

FX-9 Canada

#1: Freedom Ordnance FX-9

At $900 Canadian, the Freedom Ordnance FX-9 is Canada’s newest entry to the non restricted PCC market. They take many AR parts, they use ubiquitous Glock pistol mags, the receiver is very compact, and the magazine release is exactly where it should be (where an AR is). It’s very trim.

JR Carbine

#2: JR Carbine

About $1000 in Canada and you get a PCC that’s very similar to an AR, uses pistol mags, and is super flexible. Takes AR trigger parts, AR forends (may need modification), AR grip, and AR stocks.

#3: TNW Aero Survival Rifle (ASR)

For about $1000 in Canada, you get a PCC that has a takedown barrel, AR grips, and AR stocks. The stock trigger isn’t very good, but there’s a replacement available. Takes pistol mags.

#4: CZ Scorpion Evo Gen2

iRunGuns is bringing in NR versions for around $1500, or you could go the DIY route and get a restricted model from Wolverine Supplies. CZ Evo’s use their own mag, so 5 rounds max. Fantastic ergonomics and a pretty modern design.

#5: SUB-2000

For around $800 in Canada, you get a folding PCC that can take Glock, SIG, Beretta, or M&P mags, though the Glock SUB-2000’s are much more common in Canada. Very compact design, but optics mounting will be unusual, and aftermarket parts are highly recommended.

#6: IWI X95 in 9mm

For around $2700 in Canada, you get a bullpup 9mm carbine with lots of pic rail, easy access safety, pretty good ergonomics, a mag release similar to an AR15, and a very compact package. Sold by Bullseye London and a few others.

#7: BRS-99

For around $1500 in Canada, you get a “Polish Uzi”. A super tame shooter with military lineage, the BRS-99 is damn fun to shoot

#8: Kriss Vector

For around $2000 in Canada, you get a super innovative recoil system of the Kriss Vector that kills muzzle climb, and a design that’s out of this world.

#9: Beretta CX4 Storm

For around $1300 in Canada, you can pretend to be a starship trooper and shoot the futuristic Beretta CX4 Storm. Factory CX4 Storm mags are limited to 5, but it’ll also take Beretta pistol mags with 10 round capacities.

Coming in the future:

Ruger PCC: No long barrel versions have been announced yet, but maybe soon?

APC9: Currently only restricted versions are available.

Black Leaf Industries BL9: Currently in development

Trojan Firearms TFA-PCC9M: Built from the ground up as a PCC, the TFA-PCC9M uses 2011 style magazines. The receiver looks similar to an AR15 though, so it might not get a NR FRT.

HK USC: All the ones I’ve seen so far are restricted, but that could change in the future.

B&T KH9: Will likely be brought in by Wolverine Supplies

Lockhart Tactical Raven: Still in development

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