I Won!

I’ve been faithfully submitting entries to Gun Owners of Canada‘s contests for months now, and I won one! Zombie Supply Canada from my neck of the woods (Edmonton-ish) supplied the prize, which consisted of a pile of decals, a big pack of targets (which I’m glad of because I’m completely out of targets), a t-shirt, and even a few comic books on zombies.

Zombie Supply Canada

Now, if I’m going to plug one company, I’m going to plug all of em at onceCanadian Reload Radio and the Slam Fire Radio podcasts got me to sign up to Gun Owners of Canada , I then won a contest with from Zombie Supply Canada. There, I think I got everyone. If you’re on CGN and need more or an alternative, check out GOC!

I was not paid or sponsored for this message, I just won a contest and wanted to share.

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