What Are You Hunting This Year?

Tikka T3 lite

I thought it’d be kind of fun to ask a few readers and different media channels what they’re hunting this year. I went on Slam Fire Radio, Canada’s #1 firearms-related podcast (in my opinion), to talk shop with Owen and Matthew about what they were hunting.

Matthew from Slam Fire Radio and mmatt YouTube Channel, “I’ll be out looking for coyotes and crows with a Savage Axis in .223, topped with a 2-7 Vortex Crossfire. I’m reloading 223 with 55 grain Hornady V-Maxes on top of a load of Varget.”

Owen from Slam Fire Radio and Warrior’s Ethos Podcast, “I already went hunting for bear, and will be hunting deer in the fall with my trusty Winchester 94 in 30-30. I’ll be using 160 grain Hornady Leverevolution.”

Trevor from Slam Fire Radio and Action Shooting Radio, “Matthew and Owen are simply the best, Adriel is pretty friggin awesome too. I just wish I could be as cool as those guys.”*

*Quote may have been fictitiously created in Trevor’s absence.

Matt Capranos (YouTube): “This year, I will be using my Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle in 308 Winchester, I will be using Hornady 308 Win 150 gr SST Superformance rounds (factory loads). I won’t be using optics this year, just the iron sights, as from my blind to the edge of the clearing is only 50 yards.  I’m hoping for some colder weather for the opening of (rifle) deer season in November. Last November for the opening of (rifle) season, we had no activity at the clearing. Happy Hunting everyone, be safe and let your aim be true. ”

Riflechair (YouTube): I am hunting Moose and Elk this year with a Tikka T3 stainless in 300 Winchester Short Magnum. I am running standard weaver bases, Burris tactical 1” Low profile rings and a Leupold Canadian VX-II with a non-cammed ¼ MOA adjustable elevation turret for fast bullet drop adjustments. My bullet of choice is a 200 gr Nosler Accubond handload with which I am getting 2778 feet per second +\- 4 Fps using IMR 4350. This rifle, ammo and scope configuration is the only combination that has given me a three round – one hole group at 100 metres. I highly recommend the Tikka T3 rifle regardless of the chambering. These are outstanding hunting rifles, easy to pack, excellent balance, superior accuracy and precision. This is Riflechair signing off and as always “MAPLE LEAF UP”

Micheal from Wolverine Supplies: “I’m looking to hunt whitetail this year and am going to use my good ol’ type 56 SKS and Hornady 123 gr SST’s as I am a sucker for hunting with military history. For example I went on a unsuccessful black bear hunt this fall with my SVT-40 and a very successful whitetail hunt last year with my 91/30

Chris Miller of Rouge River Arms: “I’m hunting Moose this year with a Marlin Guide Gun in Stainless chambered in 45/70.  I’m using a Williams 5D peep site on the back, with the stock post up front. I use 300gr Hornady XTP JHP projectiles propelled by 47gr of IMR4198. Once the Moose is down, I’ll switch to Geese using a good ol’ Remington 870 with Challenger #2 Steel shot.”

Phil from CTC Supplies: “In a few weeks, I’m going for Mule with a Mossberg MVP Patrol in 223Rem and grouse with the ole 18″ 870 with Magpul furniture 🙂 – Tactical Grouse.”

Tanner from Prophet River: “I’m going after a nice whitetail buck this year. I’ll be using my Weatherby Vanguard S2 in 270 Win, with a Leupold VX1 3-9×40 scope. Simple, durable, and dependable. I’ll also be hunting some coyotes using my great grandfather’s 250-3000 Savage. It’s a great old rifle that really packs a punch.”

For myself, I’ll be hunting whitetail deer with a Mosin Nagant or borrowed Savage 10TR. With the Mosin, it’ll be 203 grain Soft Point ammo, while the 10TR has reloaded 308 ammo: 175 grain Berger Hunting VLD’s with CFE223 powder and outside neck turned brass.

Want to add in what you’re hunting this year? Send me an email or comment below.

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