A Couple of Milestones: 50,000 Views on YouTube and 400,000 Visitors to the Website

Just wanted to check in with some cool milestones.

I started this website in late February, 2012.

I started doing YouTube last Fall/Winter.

The Website


The website is now past 400,000 visits and around 700,000 pageviews since I launched. On a typical day right now, I’m seeing around 700-1000 visitors. It’s not really the busy season: the site gets much busier Oct-Feb.


My video lighting setup

My video lighting setup. 2 of my bulbs are a touch more yellow than the others.


The YouTube channel has just past 50,000 views. At first, I didn’t know if it was worth shooting video: it takes a different lighting setup, and video editing takes my computer a while to chug through. But as I saw the users and comments coming in, it started to look promising as an add-on to the site and as a different way to show hunting rifles and equipment. I’m now happy with my video lighting setup and setting it up takes me a lot less time.


Photo lighting setup

Photo lighting setup

While I’m still trying to use the camo hoodie on video to make exposure easy, I’m moving to whites on photos of smaller items to make for a nicer background and cleaner images. My photo setup has been the same for a while, but I have managed to simplify and store everything in a way that makes it easy for me to tear all the stuff out, setup, and shoot. Sometimes I go with 2 light sources to really bathe the product in the shot, sometimes I go for one to give a bit of a drop shadow and some light falloff. Most of the time, I’m just going for a nice, clean image.

In any case, enough rambling about taking pictures! Upcoming I’ve got plenty more hunting rifle reviews, like the Mossberg 4×4, plus my continued saga into 22LR, so stick around and like us on Facebook or subscribe on YouTube, there’s lots more to come!

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