Boyds’ Gunstocks Now Offering Savage Axis Aftermarket Stocks


Boyds Gunstocks is now offering aftermarket stocks for the Savage Axis in their Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole, and Prairie Hunter Shapes. This is great news, because the Axis factory stock is a bit crappy looking and you can now have a fantastic looking stock for a bit more than $100. I’ve reviewed their stocks before on the Marlin 795, and will likely be picking one up for my Stainless Axis.

More at Boyds’ Gunstocks:


  • Landry’s_Guns

    We hope to get ours in Tuesday of next week. Ordered a few days after they were released, they shipped today. I have one for my 308 and one for my .223. Both are threaded and we use them to demo suppressors. These stocks will make a world of difference to our shooters.

    Dale Landry
    Landry’s Guns

  • Newfiebullet

    Good news for sure.

    Do you know if they offer a stock for the 11 Hunter? I’m about to order a rifle, and I can’t decide if the Hunter is worth the extra $100. Available upgrades could be a deciding factor.

  • I’m not really sure. Savage’s lineup is a bit confusing these days.

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