50 Beowulf Magazines in Canada Classification Update

Yesterday, Aztech Armory posted on GOC the reason why their recent importation of 50 Beowulf Magazines was denied. Suffice to say, the RCMP think that they fall under some made up “dual use” classification and are therefore PROHIBITED DEVICES. There is no “dual use” language in the Firearms section of the criminal code, but that’s what they’re claiming. The RCMP haven’t posted this out as a general bulletin or anything, this is just an email to an importer, but it can be seen as a shot across the bow.

Keep in mind, I’m not a lawyer. Make your own determination on what to do.

Read more on the original GOC thread: http://www.gunownersofcanada.ca/showthread.php?27159-50-Beowulf-Magazine-Classification-Update

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