TulAmmo 308 Winchester 150 grn FMJ Review


Most of the 308 in my area is right around $1/cartridge. Even PMC 147 grn FMJ is $18.99 per box of 20. So when I found Tula available online at $12/box, or a bit less if you buy more, I wanted to try some. It’s very similar in price to the Norinco 147 grn FMJ Surplus ammo that’s available in Canada.

primer and front

The Downsides of Tulammo 308

On the negatives side, this stuff is both steel cased and Berdan-primed, which are 2 things that would prevent reloading the cases. So reloading these cases is out of the question. They’re also only available in FMJ, so you’re not going to want to use them for hunting. QC is also questionable compared with better domestic manufacturers and I have no idea what kind of warranty or factory support they’d have.

The Upsides of Tulammo 308

Here in Canada, with plenty of inexpensive Norinco M14‘s out there, it can feed a fun range gun in 308 a lot cheaper than if you were to use nicer commercial ammo AND, you don’t have to reload. Reloading for an M14 is a bit frustrating because they’re hard on brass (the action cycle is a bit violent), they kick brass in all sorts of different directions and they need clearance on the round to function, so accuracy enhancing reloading tricks like neck sizing aren’t recommended. You can reload to reduce cost of firing your M14, but it’s hard to do it and save a pile of money if you value your time.

Tulammo 308 150grn FMJ Accuracy

So far, I’ve just had it out at the range hitting a steel plate out at 300 yards with my M14 and it has been stellar. I’m just using the crappy Norinco iron sights so I don’t need huge accuracy and it’s delivering all that I could ask for. I’ll get it to the range and shoot some groups with my very accurate Savage 10TR one weekend soon and post the results here.

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