Savage Axis Accessories

The Savage Axis is an incredibly inexpensive rifle and will be the starting point for a lot of hunters. I’ve got a few Axis-specific accessories below, but in order, here’s what I think should be replaced or upgraded:

  1. Trigger. It was hard to determine if I should recommend a $200 scope or a $100 trigger, but given typical hunting ranges and how bad the factory trigger is, I’d go for a replacement trigger first. If you’re mechanically handy, you can do your own Savage Axis Trigger Job.
  2. Scope. Something in the $150-$250 range. Redfield Revolution, Bushnell Elite, Vortex Diamondback, etc.
  3. Better rings/bases. The rings aren’t all that fantastic, and the bases don’t leave a lot of scope mounting options.

That’s all I’d really recommend for these rifles. They aren’t offered in Magnum rounds, so don’t bother with an aftermarket buttpad, and the stock design is different so there aren’t any replacement aftermarket stocks available for it.

Scope bases for the Savage Axis

Thankfully, scope bases for the Savage Axis are pretty standard.

  • Weaver Bases: two 46 bases or 402’s for extensions.
  • DNZ has a 1 piece base/rings mount that would be very solid.
  • EGW has a picatinny rail for the Axis (296-000-186WB)

Aftermarket Triggers for the Savage Axis

Aftermarket Stocks for the Savage Axis

I’ll be adding to this list as I go along. If you come across a Savage Axis part that I haven’t included here, let me know!

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