Remington Insulated Gloves Mini Review

Remington gloves both

This is only a quick review since there’s only so much to say about a pair of gloves. I typically hunt in -20 to -30 degree Celsius weather (-4 to -22F), and it can be a bit tough for gloves to keep up. With these gloves, I found that the insulation didn’t breath enough. From a 15 minute walk out to my hunting spot, I’d find my hands sweating pretty bad into the gloves, and they were somewhat unusable in warmer weather. They did provide enough insulation in the colder weather, and I didn’t need to run chemical hand warmers. For $20-$25, not bad.

The one tradeoff I didn’t really like on this glove was the choice for soft material on the outside instead of typical water resistant, harder shell. The soft exterior of these gloves picks up snow like nobody’s business. They are nice and quiet in use, which is great for hunting but the concession is that they pick up snow, which then melts, which then makes the gloves wet and cold. I had to put these gloves on a register or in the dryer every time I came back in from hunting. I think I’ll be going back to a Cordura outer shell glove like you’d see on a typical set of snowmobiling gloves, because I find it a hassle to constantly be drying off gloves.

Remington gloves palm down

Remington insulated gloves palms open

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