Primos Buck Roar Review

Buck Roar side

Having all the gear one would need to harvest a perfect Trophy Buck is ideal. But if that same person wasn’t able to call in that buck properly, all that gear would be a complete waste of money. I admit straight up that I’m not very good at using any call, whether it be for big game or predators. I do try practicing at home when I have time, but end up putting myself in danger of my wife’s shoes being thrown at my head for waking up the baby. Eddie Murphy wasn’t kidding about those high heels having boomerang action.


The Buck Roar:

The Primos Buck Roar has been listed as one of the easiest and best Buck Grunt calls on the market and is only around $20. The Buck Roar is so easy to use that even the most call challenged individual, like myself, can figure it out. Simply blow into the tube and a deep strong buck grunt will sound. The harder you blow, the louder the call. (Ok, ok! Get your mind out of the gutters!) The extra snort wheeze added on top performs the same as blowing on the grunt tube.

Pulled apart

The call has three sections to it, the grunt tube, the reed and the resonating chamber. All three sections pull apart easy for cleaning and reed adjustments. Attached to the blow tube is a small compass, which is not perfect but pretty accurate. I guess this compass would come in handy if a hunter was lost in the woods and it was all they had to rely on. A plastic reed is used with a rubber O-ring wrapped around it. The O-ring can be adjusted to different positions on the reed for many different sounds making the Buck Roar very versatile. These range from a Trophy buck grunt to an Estrous Bleat, sounding very sharp and realistic.

O-ring settings

The Buck Roar also comes with a hands-free armband to increase is ergonomics and ease of use. I found using the armband made the grunt call sit in an awkward position and really wasn’t necessary. The Buck Roar was able to fit well in any pocket I placed it in and has more functionality with two hands, so I threw the armband away.


Like I said before, I am not very good at using calls. But with the Primos Buck Roar I don’t feel like a complete idiot calling out that beauty Trophy Buck. And being priced around $20, my wife can now invest the remainder of my game call budget into replacing her broken high heels.

Buck Roar top

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