Canada’s Cheapest AR-15 Muzzle Brakes Compared

Inexpensive Brakes Compared

I’ve got a comparison with 2 brakes: the Jerry Miculek 3 port brake as well as another 3 port brake from Colonel Mustard’s (I picked up a similar 308 brake for my Savage 10TR from them) These are both inexpensive muzzle brakes and they both make a pretty big difference in recoil, which can help in competition but makes things really loud. The finish on both brakes was less than perfect but for the price point, I can’t really complain. These are both incredibly low priced in the Canadian market. Primarily, these were for 3 gun competition in Canada, where a comp helps a bit for follow up shots.

Canada muzzle brake AR-15

Miculek left, CM right

Miculek Compensator: $89 from Select Shooting Supplies **edit: the exchange rate is killing us and now the Miculek brake is a lot more expensive.

Slightly lighter weight than the other comp, louder, darker finish. Uses a jam nut/lock nut instead of a crush washer, which ends up looking a bit off but is easy to install. Doesn’t screw in as deeply onto the barrel, so maybe it’s slightly less secure? The top of the brake has widened gills to redirect some gas up to drive the barrel down a bit. I couldn’t really tell which was more effective, so they must be very close.

Colonel Mustard 3 port comp: $40 from Colonel Mustard

Slightly heavier, lighter in finish. Uses a standard crush washer (included) to install and screws in much more deeply on the barrel. The top of the brake has 2 drilled holes to drive the barrel down a bit. I prefer the crush washer style install on this brake to the jam nut on the Miculek brake. Note that while the CM compensator looks longer, once you install it on an AR-15, it’s basically the same installed length because it mounts that much further onto the barrel.

Widened gills on Miculek brake (left) vs compensating holes on CM (right)

Widened gills on Miculek brake (left) vs compensating holes on CM (right)

Brake bottom

Brake bottom. They would both be fine to shoot prone.

My terrible attempt at showing depth. Summary: Miculek brake mounts a lot more shallow

My terrible attempt at showing depth. Summary: Miculek brake mounts a lot more shallow



So which would I buy again? They’re both more similar than they are different. They both use a 3 baffle design with a mostly closed bottom, some upward pressure to drive the muzzle down a bit, and they’re both incredibly inexpensive. On a non-restricted rifle that I might have the remote possibility of hunting with, I might go for the Colonel Mustard one just because the baffles aren’t quite so big and it didn’t feel as loud. On a restricted, 3-gun competition rifle, I might choose the Miculek brake because I don’t care if it’s louder as I’ll always be on the range with proper ear protection.

  • canada chris

    “The top of the brake has 3 drilled holes to drive the barrel down”….
    ummmmmm …. 3 holes on the top? picture says different. good review though and thanks

  • Some days, I feel like I can’t count past potato.

  • canada chris

    no problem …i’ve seen other models with 3 holes and tapped for allen screw plugs to tune it to the owners preference. this picture with 2 holes does seem to me to be the odd duck of the bunch ive seen tested on youtube head to head in a great video that shows how far each one will push a rifle backwards on a table and then measures the distance and charts it at the end of video… im pretty sure this model is included along with 12 others side by side… thanks again

  • canada chris

    found a link to the vid i mentioned in other comment

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