Boyd’s Stock for Savage B.Mag

Savage BMag with Boyds stock

It’s no secret that I love Boyd’s stocks, but this one is a big improvement over the plasticky Savage B.Mag factory stock. The Boyd’s stock comes with a plastic trigger guard and uses your 2 action screws from the factory setup. Rather than using a trim piece to square off the bottom like the factory stock, the Boyd’s has a kind of hand cut-out around the magwell. It’s a bit of a trade-off, because the trigger guard covers the rear action screw, but the factory stock is somewhat similar in how it hid action screws from view. Although it looks just a bit goofy, the hand cut out feels great because it’s at the balance point for the rifle and fits the hand perfectly.


  • I can feel the action screws compressing the wood. I may have to pillar bed the stock to get a more solid, stress-free mount of the action.
  • It’s a lot heavier than the plastic stock. Meh.

bottom action bottom detail


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