Boyd’s Stock for Savage B.Mag

Savage BMag with Boyds stock

It’s no secret that I love Boyd’s stocks, but this one is a big improvement over the plasticky Savage B.Mag factory stock. The Boyd’s stock comes with a plastic trigger guard and uses your 2 action screws from the factory setup. Rather than using a trim piece to square off the bottom like the factory stock, the Boyd’s has a kind of hand cut-out around the magwell. It’s a bit of a trade-off, because the trigger guard covers the rear action screw, but the factory stock is somewhat similar in how it hid action screws from view. Although it looks just a bit goofy, the hand cut out feels great because it’s at the balance point for the rifle and fits the hand perfectly.


  • I can feel the action screws compressing the wood. I may have to pillar bed the stock to get a more solid, stress-free mount of the action.
  • It’s a lot heavier than the plastic stock. Meh.

bottom action bottom detail


  • guest poster

    can you post a picture showing the inletting of the stock? my issue with my body’s 93r17 stock, is they inletted much more material than necesary and not much wood left to support pillars

  • Do you want a pic of the inletting on a Boyd’s 93R17 stock or of a B.Mag stock? I have access to both, but the 93r17 is more readily available.

  • Massive

    Did the stock shrink your groups? The Bmag in SS bull barrel seems to be getting better reviews.

  • Don

    Beware Boyd’s Customer Service. I ordered a stock for my Savage B.Mag .17 WSM. They shipped the wrong stock (and have admitted it). It’s been two weeks since I received the wrong stock, I’ve left numerous voice and e-mail messages. I have talked to a human twice and I still have no idea when the issue is going to be resolved. On the rare occasion I get a customer service rep. on the phone, they tell me what their process is (it sucks … they use every opportunity to not take the next step), they tell me why they can’t help me at the moment (haven’t received a form from a different department, don’t have the information, etc) and promise they will get back to me with an update. I haven’t received even one update from them. I would write to their directory of customer service, but guess what … they don’t have one. That alone tells you how much they care about customer service.

    Before you tell me to go to the range and relax a little … I would love to … but my gun doesn’t have a stock! 🙁

  • Thomas Gilewicz

    What Boyd”s gunstock is on the above Savage Bmag?Just purchased the savage Bmag with the stainless steel barrel and they have numerous stocks on their website to choose from.

  • Bud Rickett

    I am going to buy a .17 wsm with a bull barrel. What Savage model # do I use to get a wood stock? I’ve never restocked a rifle before, should I take it to a gun smith?

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