Aftermarket Stocks for the Marlin 795

Boyds Evolution stock in Marlin 795

Boyds Evolution SS Stock

The Marlin 795 is a wicked little semi auto 22. From the factory with a heavy enough barrel, conservative 10 round stick magazine, a last round bolt hold open, and a lot of accuracy for the dollar, there’s not much to dislike about the 22. One aspect that won’t get high marks is the composite stock. No doubt, it’s functional and oh so light, but no one is going to mistake it for very good looking. A few months ago, my wife’s birthday was coming up and
I thought tricking up her Marlin 795 would be in order. If you look online, you’ll find an ATI Dragunov composite stock for that sniper look, conservative and wild stocks from Richard Microfit, and the same from Boyds. I decided to go with a Boyds SS Evolution laminate in their Sky color scheme. I performed no inletting, it just slipped right in and snuggled into the beefier wood stock. The factory Marlin 795 stock gave me a bit of back and forth wiggle that I felt may have impacted accuracy just a tiny little bit. This stock, on the other hand, gave me no wiggle at all.

If I have to give any knocks to this stock, the pistol grip on the Boyds stock was just a bit tight for my big hands. That’s about it. For $100, this cranks the wow factor up on a $139 .22 way up.

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